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Jeff is an outdoor enthusiast located in the central Florida area. He enjoys exploring Florida's less traveled roads, visiting historic sites, and getting away from the city. While on trails Jeff is a huge supporter of tread lightly and believes in, "take out what you take in." A love for vehicles has recently brought Jeff to the world of off-roading. He is still new to the game but is enthusiastic about learning new techniques, vehicles, equipment, technology, and bringing all together to contribute to TrailsOffoad.

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2018 Jeep Wrangler (2 door)

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Tread Lightly! Four Wheel Drive Way (03/06/2021)
Four Wheel Drive Way is a fun trail that never seems to end. The trail is very narrow so expect scratches on your vehicle. There's lots of sand, hill climbs/descents, and some great areas for wildlife watching and photography. The trail isn't rated a 5 because there are very few places to flex/rock climb and only a handful of off-camber areas. A few places for mudholes during hurricane season but nothing serious.
Tiger Bay State Forest - Rima Ridge Road (02/13/2021)
Rima Ridge Road is a nice road through the forest without any drama. The road is very dusty and the campsites are located just off the trail, so keep your speed down to prevent dusting the campsites. Both Bennett Field Campground and Tram Road Equestrian Campground are very well maintained and clean.
Tiger Bay State Forest - Tram Road (02/13/2021)
Tram Road is a very basic trail that any vehicle can operate on so the trail is rather dull from an offroading perspective. However Tram Road Equestrian Area Campsite is very clean, well maintained, and has suitable corrals for horses. There are hiking and horseback trails easily identified by colors and a map can be found at the campsite check-in station. Tram Road is best known for its campsite and equestrian and hiking trails.
Tiger Bay State Forest - Danny Hole Road (02/13/2021)
Danny Hole Road is a basic trail that even a 2WD car can drive on. The scenery is nice especially towards the end of the trail from the clashing green vegetation against burnt/dead plants from the prescribed burns. Danny Hole Road is a peaceful trail for anyone looking to explore the forest with no drama.
Tiger Bay State Forest - Haw Creek Road (02/13/2021)
Haw Creek Road is a typical maintained Florida trail. There is not much to do while on the trail but relax and watch for wildlife. Haw Creek Road isn't a trail to specifically travel on unless you're in the area and want to cross it off the list.
Tiger Bay State Forest - Hunter's Trail Road (02/13/2021)
Hunter's Trail Road is a fun trail in Tiger Bay State Forest as the trail is maintained but not overly so. There will be shallow water and mud holes during hurricane season so 4WD may be needed. During the dry season 2WD cars should have no problem driving on the trail.
Tiger Bay State Forest - Indian Lake Road (02/13/2021)
Indian Lake Road is a very easy drive and the recreation area is a great place for a picnic or just to relax! Just south of the entrance to Tiger Bay State Forest is a public shooting range named Strickland Shooting Range for those interested.
Tiger Bay State Forest - Gopher Ridge Road (02/13/2021)
Gopher Ridge Road is a great cruising trail in Tiger Bay State Forest. The brick road is an odd but nice surprise to start the trail. Gopher Ridge Road is mostly dirt and sand but visitors will not need 4WD to access the trail; a nice scenic and easy trail.
Tiger Bay State Forest - Wildlife Drive (02/13/2021)
Wildlife Drive is super easy on the east side of the gate. Having to go around the gate by accessing the west side of Tiger Bay State Forest is a pain for a short drive on loose dirt and mud puddles. Wildlife Drive is not a road I'd specifically want to travel on unless the gate is open and I want to move between the east and west side.
Tiger Bay State Forest - Bear Island Road (02/13/2021)
Bear Island Road is a basic Florida trail; lots of green plants and smooth ride. The trail is a relaxing ride but keep your eyes open for animals as western Tiger Bay is not as busy as the eastern half.
Tiger Bay State Forest - Wampee Strand (02/13/2021)
Wampee Strand has some bumpy areas about halfway through. Otherwise the trail is smooth and is a quick way to connect back to Gopher Ridge Road.
Tiger Bay State Forest - Dark Entry Road (02/13/2021)
Dark Entry Road is a very easy trail. There are only a few spots with black mud and water but not enough to need 4WD if in a truck/SUV. The recent burn on towards the western end of the trail is a cool sight as across the road is bright green plants.
Tiger Bay State Forest - Bennett Field Road (02/13/2021)
Bennett Field Road is an easy trail to travel on with 2WD trucks and SUVs. The potholes can get deep and during wet season/hurricane season, the potholes will be filled with water and mud may take the trail impassible for cars. Otherwise the trail is great for cruising, hiking, biking, or horseback riding and enjoying the forest.

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