Casey Wilson

Trail Reviews: 500 points
Questions Answered: 50 points
Off-Road Experience:
6+ years
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  • ( lift, tires)
Casey's passion for the offroading lifestyle began back in the 90's when he was a young kid romping around in the Arizona desert with his father and his father's Jeep YJ. Today, Casey lives in the heart of the Colorado Rockies with his wife, Ashley and young daughter, Aubree. Together, they are a die hard group of back country enthusiasts that slave away all week at their day jobs so they may enjoy a weekend or a week here and there of living off grid and flushing out all of the trivial day to day stresses. When not off the grid, you may likely find them in campgrounds near various National or State Parks. Casey co-runs a Colorado overlanding based community, Expedition: Colorado and is a self proclaimed Cruiser-Head and has owned nearly a dozen various Land Cruisers throughout his driving career. Currently, their setup is a modified 2014 Toyota 4Runner TE which is usually pulling their modified offroad TC Teardrop.

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