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  • 2018 Toyota 4Runner (3" lift, 33" tires)

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2018 Toyota 4Runner

Lift Size: 3"
Tire Size: 33"

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Tincup Pass (11/13/2021)
Always a beautiful ride with killer views. It's only open to the top and not down to the lake. We tried to plow through the 3' snow drift with no luck. But definitely a blast!
Mount Antero (11/13/2021)
Yep, impassable. Sheet of ice on the trail made us slide backwards. Definitely sketchy.
Baldwin Lake (11/13/2021)
Yep, impassable. Sheet of ice on the trail made us slide backwards. Definitely sketchy.
Chinns Lake (10/23/2021)
Always a beautiful quick trail to perfect scenery. The road up was mixed with ice and snow so be sure to air down for some traction.
McClellan Mountain (10/10/2021)
Always a scenic trail full of fun off-shoots. We made it to the last switchback, which had about 1-2 of snow drift covering the trail. Doable on something that has at least 37s but my 33s would have had me plowing through. Still one of my favorites to do this time of year with light snow covering the trails.
Pickle Gulch (Blackhawk) (09/27/2021)
Fun and scenic. There are options on the trail to take an easier path if you're not comfortable.
North Fork Swan River (09/22/2021)
Fantastic views and easy trail.
Mill Creek (08/14/2021)
The loop has gotten a lot rockier than last year. I was aired down to 14psi and it was still a long, tight, bumpy ride. Kinda fun though because it was technical in some spots.
Tincup Pass (07/10/2021)
Scenic as always. It was nice and empty, maybe saw 4 other vehicles in total until we hit Mirror Lake. We took the loop around Cumberland Pass and Hancock Pass, which was also nice and empty. Great camping at the beginning of Tincup also.
Hancock Pass (07/10/2021)
Rocky and slow, but scenic!
Medano Pass (06/05/2021)
Beautiful, easy, fun quick pass into the Great Sand Dunes with stellar camping spots. Highest water crossing came maybe 3/4 of the way up the wheel.