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  • 2000 Jeep Cherokee (3" lift, 31" tires)
Just another guy out enjoying the wilderness, staying the trail, and cleaning up the back country when I can.

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2000 Jeep Cherokee

Lift Size: 3"
Tire Size: 31"

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Button Rock (10/12/2022)
Trail is dry. Only saw two others for a Wednesday adventure. Plenty of camping spots open that have a variety of cozy tree cover to overlook sites.
Johnny Park Road (10/12/2022)
Great trail with plenty of camping. Clear sky’s with minimal cloud cover. Saw two other vehicles on the trail for a Wednesday. Completed this mostly in two wheel drive except for a couple of rock gardens.
Pierson Park South (10/12/2022)
This trail is one that can test a new driver in some sections. Only saw one other traversing this trail for a Wednesday. Had lunch at the bottom where it dead ends. Room for four rigs or so. Plenty of camping spots to be had.
Pierson Park North (10/12/2022)
Solid trail. Close enough to Estes to be able to access this quickly for a camp trip. Be sure to drive slow through the neighborhood you cross into. Saw a large heard of elk in the road while coming around a corner. The rock garden at WP 8 might need a spotter for when dropping into the valley. Over all a short trail but worth the trip to the bottom to read the history of the 2013 landslide.
Mosquito Creek Road (06/01/2022)
Good trail. Hit it the day after a good amount of snow was dumped. Entered from the east trail head off Apex Valley. Plenty of snow that was at least a foot to 2 ft. deep in some areas. Our progress came to an end when we encountered a 4 foot drift. First cabin was pretty neat to see. Just know this trail will cause some pin stripping for wider vehicles as many branches were broken. Bring a saw just incase your rig is too tall to go under some of the fallen/leaning trees. Will return in a couple weeks when the snow has melted to complete the trail.
Utah Hill (06/01/2022)
Trail is pretty easy. Broke thru the snow just fine. Maybe 8" deep at the time of this review. Its a great trail when you can see for miles on end. Unfortunately we were pretty much in the clouds when we did this trail.