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  • 2020 Jeep Wrangler (4 door) (2.5" lift, 35" tires)
Colorado native with a JLUR and Can-Am Maverick Trail.

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2020 Jeep Wrangler (4 door)

Lift Size: 2.5"
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Governor Basin (08/30/2022)
I would rate the difficulty of this trail a 2-3, not sure if it was graded or what but certainly isnt a 4-5 anymore. It was pretty busy and the people watching was like none I've ever seen before on any trail. Tons of rental side by sides with first time drivers and clearly not given any training by the rental company. I watched one rental unknowingly start driving up the very narrow shelf for Sydney Basin before realizing how nasty it is and then having to back down it while off camber and tight. It was pretty nerve wrecking to watch but he made it down. After that I watched another rental SxS driving very slowly up Governor Basin in high gear, only to get hung up on a very small rock because the engine clearly needed to be in low gear, or given a lot more gas to bump that rock in high gear. After that a full size truck with street tires comes up the trail and asks me where this goes. While I am glad to provide information to someone, it makes me nervous about the people on this trail being novice drivers and/or having no idea where they are going or what the trail entails. Also note that at the end of the trail as TrailsOffroad has marked, there is a trail that continues upward and makes a loop. However I wouldnt personally recommend it since it has some intense off camber in a loose, narrow, sandy shelf. Definitely wouldnt drive that myself.
Imogene Pass (08/29/2022)
Finally got to do the entire trail starting from Telluride. Last time I came with a SxS and didnt do the entire trail because of having to make it an out and back. The Telluride side certainly has some narrow spots and would not be good for wide vehicles or people afraid of heights. Also can be a pain to pass on the Telluride shelf road. Overall a much better experience on this trail compared to last time I was here when this was extremely crowded. I’d say 90% of the traffic I saw was running east to west but I liked going west to east.
Clear Lake (08/28/2022)
Fun trail and cool lake. Bottom part of trail was full of hikers parking next to the no parking signs. Passing spots can be limited so look ahead.
Ophir Pass (08/28/2022)
Finally drove the full length of this east to west. Overall a scenic and easy drive. I think it took like 20 minutes to get to the summit on the east side, and the west side went quick too. No passing on the shelf section so look ahead before continuing up or down it. If you look down while driving the shelf you'll see the old car of someone that apparently went for a rough ride down the moutain.
Elk Park Road (08/06/2022)
I used this to access other area trails and was expecting it to be more of a quick dirt road but it’s actually pretty rocky and bumpy. Make sure to air down before getting on this.
Kingston Peak (08/06/2022)
First time on this trail. Thought the views were great and the trail itself was easy but extra bumpy, even for Colorado standards, which made it pretty slow going. The hill climbs were pretty steep in places (18 degrees) but not a problem at all. I noticed on the Saint Mary’s side there is a rock that’s just big enough to be a gatekeeper for this trail. As I passed through I saw one car that shouldn’t be attempting the trail reluctantly turning around here and another car seemingly not paying attention and drive right into the rock. Don’t think they knew this was a trail and not another Saint Mary’s dirt road. Hopefully this rock can continue deterring drivers and vehicles that shouldn’t be attempting this trail.
McClellan Mountain (08/01/2022)
Waypoints 9-10 are very intimate with the trees and will give pinstripes. Either bring some hedge trimmers and go to town or prepare to hear those scratches. I skipped the detour out to the old mine and went straight to the summit. Turning around on the summit is pretty sketch. Very limited space to do so and if anyone else is up there it will be a nasty mess. This is not a good trail for groups. The last 2 switchbacks near the summit are off camber and tight. Definitely a little pucker factor there. This trail will suck if you need to pass anyone, so look ahead for other traffic. Passing spots are limited for long stretches of shelf road!
Argentine Pass (08/01/2022)
Second time on this trail today and enjoyed it. Passing is difficult so make sure to look far ahead for other traffic. Backing up for long stretches of shelf road is not fun! If you need to pass here just do what it takes and back up to one of the few safe spots. Don’t try to drive up the mountain side to create passing space and then rollover like others have done.
Bill Moore Lake (07/30/2022)
It's been 4 years since I've driven this and the trail has certainly changed a bit. I'd agree with the new difficulty rating of 4-5. Definitely some deep ruts and steep sections here, but I enjoyed my day on the trail.
Lost Canyon (07/19/2022)
First time on this trail and thought it was nice. You no longer need to stay right at waypoint 7. You can now follow the actual road and avoid the off camber washout. As Patrick mentioned below, it’s evident the nearby property owner had the road illegally blocked before, but now the obstructions are gone. You will see a small berm this person built across the trail and a road closed sign on your way down at waypoint 9 but these attempts to close the road are invalid. Saw no less than 30 mountain bikers (on a Tuesday), and there are plenty of blind corners so watch out and take it slow downhill.
Tomichi Pass (07/17/2022)
I’ve been meaning to drive this trail for years but it was closed for the rock slide for a while. Thanks to the hard work from CORE, they got it open again. I put it back on my to do list and then noticed this guide was published with a 6-8 rating. Because of that I decided to scope it out on foot because I was blown away by that rating from the research I’ve done. After walking the shelf area I would fully agree it’s steep, loose, crumbling, off camber, and narrow. It’s definitely dangerous. However this rating puts it on par with Grizzly Lake and Iron Chest and I don’t see the resemblance in difficulty here. I watched 4 SxS’s cruise up the rock slide area without even thinking about it. However due to my comfort level on a dangerous/crumbling, narrow shelf you won’t see my Jeep on this one. If I took my SxS on this I would honestly consider it like a 3-4 based on what I saw. There’s also an old crashed truck down from the shelf as a reminder of what can happen on a road like this!
Hancock Pass (07/17/2022)
I’ve ran this trail many times and it’s one of those trails where each time you drive it, you feel like it got harder since the last time. Who knows if that’s actually the case or not. Beautiful day out there but very busy today
San Juan County Road 2 (06/21/2022)
FYI the town of Silverton voted to ban OHVs in their town limits. While it doesn’t technically affect this trail, countless people including myself used to park trailers in town and drive an OHV straight from a hotel or restaurant. You can no longer do that, so my 2 trips to Silverton this summer are changing/cancelling. I wasn't even planning on taking my OHV this summer but I cant support things like this.
Hancock Lake (06/18/2022)
I’ve driven this trail several times and enjoy it. Pretty rocky and bumpy most of the way up, on par with the rest of Colorado. The last half is more difficult than the first half. Today was the busiest I’ve seen it and the mosquitos were out in force. Oh and lots of hikers on the road as they do the CDT trail.
Pickle Gulch (Blackhawk) (06/12/2022)
First time on this trail today and was much surprised to have it all to myself. Overall I thought it was easy and fun. Note that the Pickle Gulch picnic area at the start of the trail was closed. It’s where I was planning on airing down so if you have a big group that could be an issue. This trail is certainly narrow throughout, so I wouldn’t recommend a full size truck. Height could be an issue so I wouldn’t recommend a rooftop tent on this one or you’ll be catching some low hanging branches. A spot or two had mild off camber. Otherwise the mud was dried up at the beginning and the mud pit at the end was just a water pit with mostly solid ground. I used my lockers to complete the hill obstacle, but if you just maintain momentum and air down more than I do you wouldn’t need them.
Dakota Hill East (06/12/2022)
Drove the top half to swing by the shaft house. The thing is in bad shape and I don’t think it has too many years left until that history is lost.
Crown Point ATV Trail (06/07/2022)
Just happened to be in the area hiking Vagt Lake and thought this looked like a cool trail, didnt realize it was mapped on this website! Anyway it looked like much of the upper portion of this trail was too snowy still.