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Rollins Pass East (07/04/2022)
There's a deep icy drift at the usual spot just past Yankee Doodle Lake, the trail is dry and passable up to that point.
Jenny Creek (07/04/2022)
There's still a giant snow drift right on the last climb right at Yankee doodle lake. There are tracks coming down it, but it's impassable going towards the lake.
Bill Moore Lake (06/09/2022)
Drove up to waypoint 16 in 2wd, from there I could see that across the valley waypoint 17 is snowed over pretty hard still.
Chinns Lake (06/09/2022)
I flattened snow drifts and did some shoveling, but about a quarter mile from the lake it gets too deep and off camber to even winch up. Recommend waiting a few weeks, I had to back almost the whole way down with too much wheelbase to turn around.
Rainbow Road (06/08/2022)
I broke through the last 2 snow drifts right at the end of the road on 37s. A side by side was able to follow in my tracks, a stock 4runner was denied. Another week and the drifts should be pretty much gone.
Chihuahua Gulch (06/06/2022)
Trail is clear to waypoint 6, then drifts up to 2 feet. Could be bashed/winched since it's pretty flat, but it started raining hard so we headed back. At waypoint 5, we cleared the 4 foot drift on the far shore of the water crossing with shovels before winching up the remaining snow and ice. It's likely passable with a bit of a run at it now.