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Dirt Roads/Backroads
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  • 2022 Ford F-150 (Stock lift, 33" tires)

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2022 Ford F-150

Lift Size: Stock
Tire Size: 33"

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Apex Valley Road (08/12/2022)
It is wide, it is bumpy. No issues with clearance on stock 4x4. Some nicer views on the north side.
Nebraska Hill (08/12/2022)
I'm a full-size truck with a regular bed, and the first have of the trail has some tight corners. Bushed a couple of trees, probably my fault, but be careful. Had no clearance issues until about 1/2 way. The was a bit more of a dip than I think my clearance would allow for. I was alone to I didn't want to risk it. For any short wheelbase 4x4 I don't think it would be an issue.
Gamble Gulch (08/12/2022)
I would give this more than a one as it is a bit rocky. Any stock 4x4 will be fine with stock clearance. Only a few views for brief moments to be had. Don't make this a trail a destination.
Elk Park Road (08/12/2022)
Way point 1-3ish is in the woods and very bumpy. No clearance issues for stock 4x4. After waypoint 3ish there are some great views, and it opens up. I really enjoyed this part.
Mammoth Gulch (08/12/2022)
4 stars for the views on the south part of the trail. Ran it south to north. The only issue in full size 4x4 was waypoint 1-2. Could larger rocks and one I probably didn't take a good line on and rubbed a little. Other than that, it was just rocky and rutted.
Moffat Tunnel Road (08/12/2022)
Good dirt road to get to other trials. Any vehicle could drive it.
Phantom Canyon (06/08/2022)
The trail is fully open. The bridge work is completed. Very easy scenic drive. Most of the time it is easy to pass if you run into anyone. There are a couple of shelf areas that add a little excitement, but overall this is an easy drive.
Shelf Road (06/07/2022)
For a scenic drive this is a 5 star for sure. Other than some bad washboard areas in the middle of the route, there is nothing hard here. If heights are not your thing then the southern part will get your heart pumping. Overall it was a beautiful drive that took about 1.5 hrs with a couple brief stops to take pictures.
Sugarloaf Mountain (05/08/2022)
Fullsize Truck Review - First time on the trail and it was a bit rockier and washed out than I thought it was going to be. People made it sounds like a casual back road. However, it is nothing. I didn't air down, which probably would have helped. Totally doable in a full-size truck as I never felt too big. I did rub a couple of branches but could have avoided them if I was paying better attention. Ran into a couple of folks and we had to pass and it wasn't an issue. There are a few spots where it would be impossible to pass and someone would have to back up. So pay attention and make note of spots as you go by them. Overall, a fun trail with great views and nothing any stock 4x4 couldn't handle.