Redlands Canyon Road

5/5 (2 reviews)
Furnace Creek, California (Inyo County)
Last Updated: 10/21/2022
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Tucked back in the mountains of Panamint lies a rarely traveled extreme rock crawling trail. Only known by a few, this secret of Butte Valley is fun but daring place to travel across. The trail itself is hidden on the northwestern side of Butte Valley and is easily missed. While most of the wheeling in Death Valley is mild, Redlands Canyon used to take it to the extreme when heading down the canyon. The trail used to be this long rocky dream with large boulders and 10-foot tall water fall that may or may not have water running down it. For those few that want to try it, be prepared because this secret of the desert is 4 hours from the nearest signs of civilization including cell phone service. So breaking isn't an option when playing out there. But now half of this trail has been closed not allowing you past woods canyon. This trail is may be partially or completely closed to vehicle traffic.

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5/5 (2 reviews)
Status: Partially Open
Visited: 11/11/2017

Ran the route, but the leg leading to the waterfall is closed to vehicular traffic. California Trail Maps also show that section was now a non-motorized section. We took the left and went up the cabin and bus - both of which are very cool. With this change, this trail is now a 1-2 rated trail. I didn't need 4wd at any point and most low, stock, modern SUVs would be able to easily get to the cabin.
Tom H
Status: Open
Rated 5/5
Visited: 11/03/2017

This is a short but beautiful trail that takes you into one of the more remote parts of Death Valley. You access this trail either via Warm Springs Canyon from the east or Goler Wash from the west. Most of Death Valley resembles a dry, barren desert, but this area is lovely and makes you think you are somewhere else.

The jeep trail is one-way, accessed from Butte Valley. It ends about 1/3 the way down the canyon. You can walk another 2-3 miles until you reach a dry waterfall and, further down, a strip mine.

While the trail down Redlands Canyon is short, it takes you down a canyon where an unknown bit of American history happened. In January 1850, Manly and Rogers led the Bennett and Arcan families to safety down this canyon. Suffice it to say that it was one of the most heroic rescues in American history, as those two young men walked 700 miles to bring those men, women and children to safety!

And, assuming you camp in either Redlands Canyon or adjacent Butte Valley, there is so much to do if you're willing to stick around and camp for a few days. Hike to the top of Manly Peak and Striped Butte. Cross the valley to its east end and drive to Arrastre Spring. Get up early and listen to the dozens of coyotes who seem to own the valley.

Trail Review: Redlands Canyon Road - Tom H

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