Devil's Lane

Monticello, Utah (San Juan County)

Last Updated: 01/14/2019
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Highlight: Devil's Lane
Devil's Lane is a connector trail that one would use to get from "Beef Basin" and "Bobby's Hole (Pasture Land)" to finish up and over "Elephant Hill". This trail can also be used if you are running "Elephant Hill" and want to visit "The Joint", which is a hiking area with narrow passages and some interesting cave type areas. This trail travels through the desert floor with staggering views of the Needles. While this trail is mostly level, there are some narrow passages and a few obstacles that will probably need some ground-guiding to find the correct line depending on your vehicle's setup.

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1. Trailhead / Start (0 mi)
This the start of the trail and is well marked. Waypoint 2 is actually a road that leads to the hiking trailhead for "The Joint".

Directions to Trailhead

Starting Point: Moab, Utah

From Moab, drive south 40 miles on 191 and turn right/west onto 211. Follow 211 west for roughly 34 miles to the Guard Station at Canyonlands National Park. Continue another 3 miles past the visitor center and turn left at the sign for Elephant Hill. Follow a dirt road another 2.7 miles to the parking lot for Chesler Park hiking trailhead. You will see a gate with a steep road winding up the cliff side. This is the start of the"Elephant Hill" trail. You must complete the first half of "Elephant Hill" to get you to "Devils Lane". You will exit onto "Devil's Lane" at Waypoint 4 so getting to the start point as this trail is written is kind of difficult as it was written from the other side. Just turn left and follow the trail backward through Waypoints 3 and 2 and you'll be at the intersection for "The Joint" hiking trailhead.



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Q: Thanks for the quick reply and confirming my concerns. I'm picking up my new teardrop in SLC and headed down to Moab area week of April 11-?. How easy is it to find dispersed camping sites in Moab at this time of year? I know about the Easter Jeep Safari but I really want to concentrate on learning the ropes with my trailer. Would Moab still be alright or should I head to CO where I am also more familiar with the area and it is less likely to be as crowded. Any and all suggestions would be appreciated. I have enjoyed your site for years and I hope to use it more often as I travel West now with the purchase of the teardrop.
–Greg Peters (02/01/2022)
–Todd (02/01/2022)
Q: Thinking about reserving Bobby Jo campsite that sits along this trail. Would a capable teardrop make the trail there? I have intermediate experience on trails but a pulling a teardrop behind me would be new. Thoughts?
–Greg Peters (02/01/2022)
–Todd (02/01/2022)

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