Bird Spring Canyon Road (SC120)

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Weldon, California (Kern County)
Last Updated: 04/07/2019
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This trail finds itself crossing Bird Spring Pass and the Pacific Crest Trail simultaneously as it travels east to west across the Scodie Mountains. The Scodie Mountains are nestled at the southernmost portion of the Sierra Nevada mountain range. As you immerse yourself into this backcountry setting, one can't help but get a sense of the struggles and the enjoyment early settlers must have felt. To the east, Black Mountain stands proud in the forefront of the El Paso Mountain range with the Panamint Mountains providing a postcard backdrop. To the west, Kelso Valley, Piute Mountain, and Sherman Peak can be witnessed with glimpses of Isabella Lake in the distance. Overlanders especially enjoy running this trail in either direction to afford them passage across the Scodie Mountains to adjacent attractions at their own pace.

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Trail Reviews

Visited: 07/24/2023
Difficulty Accuracy: Spot On

Trail is in excellent condition, and is an easy, fun excursion for sunrise and/or sunset views. Keep in mind that you'll still have to navigate to CA14 from the last waypoint, which is still very much inside the OHV area.
Visited: 05/12/2021

Conditions on the trail today were good. It was an easy trail with no big surprises from the description. Going up the mountain was rather easy with some switchbacks. As a beginner, I appreciate the accuracy of the description.

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