Talladega National Forest- 617

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1/5 (4 reviews)
Talladega, Alabama (Talladega County)
Last Updated: 01/19/2019
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Talladega National Forest 617 is a short trail located on the northwest border of the National Forest. The trail is partially maintained gravel forest road and partially unimproved single lane dirt. The trail passes through several types of forest including old growth hardwood and pine. It also passes through one of the areas hardest hit by Japanese Pine Beetles. The center section of the trail was recently clear cut due to pine beetle infestation and is a prime example of the tremendous impact they have on forests. The trail condition is very dependent on the recent level of rainfall. When dry, the trail can be passed by most vehicles but when wet, it becomes a muddy, rutted mess that requires 4WD and a fair amount of skill. This is an excellent short trip with diverse terrain and scenery. Combine this trail with nearby NF 616 and NF 600-1 for a full day of wheeling. Check the weather conditions before you go, bring your recovery gear and enjoy this scenic and fun trail through the Talladega National Forest.

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Check out our Talladega National Forest 600-1 (5.29 mi away) trail guide for an All-Access Preview!

Trail Reviews

1/5 (4)
Permanently Closed
Rated 1/5
Visited: 01/21/2023

We made it past waypoint 2 and the trail was closed. There were private property signs up and a cable was across the road
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Visited: 11/26/2021
Difficulty Accuracy: Harder

Based on the other reviews, I was expecting something closer to 600-1. It's a bit more extreme than that. I am not too familiar with rating system on here, but I would definitely say this trail has a few areas with no bypass that require a minimum of 9 inches of clearance at the differential. I was in my stock '17 ZR2 with 265/70 tires and was dragging my diff in a few places. There are several larger ruts/holes that can be bypassed, but good tire placement will be key in some spots. A few times I slid into the deeper stuff and need low range with locked axles to get myself out. All in all, it's a great road that offers a little more challenge than 600-1.
Visited: 07/23/2021

Made it in my 94 gmc jimmy 2wd... hahaha dont recomend other 2wd out there unless you consider yourself well experienced..
Visited: 12/17/2017

This was my first time on 617, also know as " Scott Road " by my gps, The portions of the road through the standing timber was in decent condition despite the rainy weather. However the same can not be said for the portion of the road that passes through the clear cut timber! The road was extremely rutted and muddy requiring 4 wheel drive and quite a bit of skill, some of the off camber areas were treacherous and some of the mud holes were deeper than 30 inches with high centers! Definitely wouldn't recommend this trail without adequate recovery equipment or other vehicles to offer assistance! Probably one of the best roads I have found if you want to test your and your vehicles ability to handle heavy mud and ruts. We had a great ride! Definitely on my favorites list!
Trail Review: Talladega National Forest- 617 - Tommy Palmer
Trail Review: Talladega National Forest- 617 - Tommy Palmer

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