Motherlode Mine

Lucerne Valley, California (San Bernardino County)

Last Updated: 04/03/2017
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10 Miles north of Lucerne Valley in the BLM Ord Mountain subregion lies a range of three tall mountains that dominate the local landscape. Standing tall in the middle of these three peaks is Ord Mountain, at over 6000 feet high. Ord Mountain has been heavily mined over the past 150 years as the slopes reveal past evidence of old mining tailings and abandoned mine shafts. Motherlode Mine trail takes you on a great voyage to Ord Mountain as it's one of the most scenic trails in this region with plenty of history to explore. Grand panoramic views and epic sunsets await you so make sure to bring your camera.


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1. Start Of Trail (0 mi)
Corner of Harrod Road and Northside Road where the pavement ends and the dirt the start of the trail. Please note that there is not a BLM OM 6635 marker present at the beginning of the trail, but as you continue north for about 0.5 miles you will see the BLM OM 6635 trail marker to confirm you are on course. Note - BLM is acronym for "Bureau of Land Management" and OM is for "Ord Mountain" subregion.

Directions to Trailhead

From downtown Lucerne Valley, head east on Highway 247 (Old Women Springs) for about 6 miles to Camp Rock Road. Turn left heading north on Camp Rock Road for about 4 miles - continue straight as the road becomes Harrod Road for an additional 1.75 miles. At the crossroads of Harrod Road and Northside Road, continue straight (north) as the paved road will transition to dirt, putting you directly on BLM OM 6635 for the start of the trail.



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