Sweet Springs Turnpike

3/5 (1 reviews)
New Castle, Virginia (Craig County)
Last Updated: 01/12/2019
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The historic Sweet Springs Turnpike was once one of the premier roads in the state of Virginia. Built long before the use of motorized vehicles it was once used as a mountain pass. It had a toll on both ends for stagecoaches, horse and rider, and people on foot. Nothing remains of the old taverns and dwellings that once lined the road with the exception of a few foundations, stone markers, and old stone steps. A handful of old apple trees still stand in places left over from orchards planted generations ago. The fruit of those trees is still treasured by the abundant wildlife today when late winter storms don't kill the fragile spring blooms. This road was also used by soldiers during the Civil War. Passing through all the various elevations on Potts Mountain, the Sweet Springs Turnpike offers an abundant variety of places to enjoy your favorite outdoor activities in solitude. Natural beauty and wonder are prolific and everywhere in breathtaking Craig and Alleghany Counties in Virginia and this trail is no exception as it passes through both the Jefferson and George Washington National Forests. The trail is often used as a connector to the Potts Mountain Jeep Trail, Potts Mountain Road, and Nimrod Road. The Sweet Springs Turnpike is strategically located for outdoor lovers and serves as a go between for wise trout fisherman who try their luck in the state stocked trout waters of Barbours Creek, (on the East side of Potts) and Potts Creek (to the West). Potts Cove can be accessed by way of the Sweet Springs Turnpike and it in itself is a majestic remote natural treasure to those lucky enough to visit it. The trail is surrounded on all sides by either of the two National Forests, Shawvers Run Wilderness Area, and Barbours Creek Wilderness Area. The Sweet Springs Turnpike is perfect for offroading, exploring, hiking, camping, wildlife viewing, fishing, hunting, mountain biking, or just getting away from the crowd as the area is very remote. It also offers a rare and refreshing glimpse into the world of nature without human habitation. Even the air here in Craig County, Virginia is pristine and touted as the cleanest in the state. Best of all its free for all to enjoy!

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3/5 (1 reviews)
Thomas Darnall
Official Crew
Status: Open
Rated 3/5
Visited: 01/12/2019

Nice ride through the mountains. Road is in decent shape. Fun and easy trail. Starting to snow.

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