Bulldog FR 12 Willow Canyon AZ

Apache Junction, Arizona (Maricopa County)

Last Updated: 07/07/2021
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Highlight: Bulldog FR 12 Willow Canyon AZ
This trail is a great addition to the Bulldog Canyon trail or for just a short scenic off-road trail run in the Arizona desert. This easy and scenic trail will bring you through just a small portion of what the region has to offer. Accessing the area is easy and offers the user a wonderful 4x4 experience in the Superstition Mountains without all the tourist traffic. It's considered part of the Bulldog Canyon OHV area which includes portions of the "Great Western Trail" in Arizona, traveling through the Tonto National Forest's Goldfield Mountains and Sonoran Desert. It offers incredible views of the nearby Superstition Mountains and is home to some of Arizona's most infamous legends, like the Lost Dutchmen Gold. At one time the Bulldog Mine was one of the richest gold mines in the country but has now been reclaimed by the desert. The Goldfield Mountain area is littered with towering cliffs and rugged canyons that are a welcome break from the flat desert valley. You can hike for years in the many unmarked canyons that litter the region. Who knows what you might find out there.


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1. Trailhead / Gate (0 mi)
Begin at the gate in the staging area parking lot. You are required to enter the gate code supplied with your Bulldog OHV permit. Please only travel on the marked trails to help preserve our access to this beautiful area.

Directions to Trailhead

From Apache Junction, travel 3.9 miles past Goldfield (Ghost Town) tourist attraction on Highway 88, Apache Trail. After passing the blue Needle Vista View Point sign, you will see a dirt parking area on your left. Enter through the locked gate at the back of the parking area.



Land Use Issues

This beautiful and diverse environment is gated for a reason. It has long been used for recreation, target shooting and mining. Target shooting and off trail riding have made some of this areas largest impact on the environment, driving the need for the locked gates. Please do your part and remove any and all trash you encounter to help insure this beautiful area stays accessible to 4x4 vehicles.

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