2N87Y - Erwin Ranch Road

Big Bear City, California (SanBernardino County)

Last Updated: 01/12/2019
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Highlight: 2N87Y - Erwin Ranch Road
It's not possible to highlight only one part of this beautiful 3 mile offroad trail. It is in the San Bernardino National Forest, east of Big Bear Lake and Baldwin Lake. In 1859, Billy Holcomb came to nearby, now called, Holcomb Valley. He discovered Gold in 1860. The trail itself is beautiful with scenic views of the Mojave Desert to the north, Bear Valley and Mt San Gorgonio to the west and south. This is a perfect trail for the new 4-wheeler with some narrow and tight turns, including a section where 4wd is indicated, and depending on conditions, maybe a locker. (view the video at 2:53)
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