Tahuya / Access Road / G-3000

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Belfair, Washington (Mason County)
Last Updated: 04/15/2018
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Tahuya State Forest ORV area is a 4x4 destination for both beginners up to seasoned veterans of the trails. While this forest trail system does have some man made rock gardens, for the most part, the only hindrance to stock vehicles would be the depth of some of the standing water in the winter months. Of course if you are stock or only slightly lifted you might want to stay a spectator at the "Rock Gardens" as they were put in for more modified rigs. Tahuya has been nick-named "2-wheel Tahuya" as most of the trails are fairly easy, but that makes it a perfect place to gain some skills for beginners. There is not really a good map produced that shows all of the trails in this park. What makes it very confusing is that some are 4x4, some are for motorcycles and ATV's and some are just for walking and mountain biking. "G-3000" is actually not a 4x4 trail but a service road that gives you access to the south end side of the 4x4 trails and takes you though the middle of the park. Taking this route will lead you to the following 55 Trail, 84S Trail, JBX Trail, 84N Trail, Twin Rocks, and Yellow Jacket

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0/5 (1 reviews)
Status: Seasonal Closure
Visited: 12/28/2020

The gate into the Tahuya Horse Ranch area closes in Winter. Not sure what the dates are exactly for the closure. You can't access this trail's trailhead when this gate is closed.
Trail Review: Tahuya / Access Road / G-3000 - Richard Goins

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