Hamburger Hill

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Lucerne Valley, California (SanBernardino County)
Last Updated: 06/07/2018
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Only 20 miles from downtown Lucerne Valley - Hamburger Hill offers a great escape with stunning sunset views for the fortunate few who can complete the trail in time to see the sunset. Hamburger Hill lies within the Ord Mountain Subregion. This vicinity is known for its off-highway vehicle (OHV) recreational opportunities. Heavy recreational use is expected in, and is appropriate to, the Stoddard Valley and Johnson Valley OHV Recreational Areas, located on either side of the Ord Mountain region. Much history can be appreciated in this region as the first mining claims in the Ord Mountains were established as early as 1876. Heavily mined for gold and silver in the early 1900's it was also used during World War I and World War II for its rich copper ore to support the war efforts.

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0/5 (3 reviews)
Status: Not Reported
Visited: 11/02/2019

This is an underrated trail. The trail is really worth doing just for the great views at the top! Especially if you time it right (as mentioned in the original review) and are up there for the sunset. Gorgeous. The mine at the top is one of the biggest in the area. I agree with the 2/3 difficulty rating.
Trail Review: Hamburger Hill - Rob
Status: Partially Open
Visited: 06/07/2018

Unfortunately the best section of this trail is not designated as an open route in the BLM Ord Mountain Subregion, therefore it's officially off limits. There are no red trail closure signs identifying the last part of the tail is closed but there are also no open route markers. The official BLM policy in this limited use are is if there are no open route markers identifying a trail, then the trail is closed. The BLM has installed all new brown open route and red closed route trail markers in the Ord Mountain subregion to help identify the trails. Please respect the closed route signs and do not do any cross country travel in this limited use area.
Trail Review: Hamburger Hill - Ben Stone
Status: Open
Visited: 03/16/2017

Great late afternoon run. Weather was perfect. The last sections of the uphill are a bit more rutted out than normal with all of the past rainfall - be mindful and be prepared to navigate around some preciously placed ruts. Also, the BLM has been hard at work updating and putting in new trail markers - they are much easier to read and more of them.
Trail Review: Hamburger Hill - Ben Stone
Trail Review: Hamburger Hill - Ben Stone
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