Copper Creek

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Ashford, Washington (Pierce County)
Last Updated: 02/09/2020
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For a day in the snow Copper Creek appeals to the masses. This trail may be a simple forest service road, but on a sunny Saturday after a major snowfall, you will find any type of vehicle imaginable, from the Redneck built buggy, to the weekend Jeeper, to the Honda CRV driven by the Soccer Mom; all of them looking for that winter wonderland. Depending on your rig, your ability and your courage, you can venture up past 4500 feet of elevation on a snow covered, tree lined road and find the most majestic views of Mount Rainier and the surrounding park that you can imagine. Be advised, trail conditions can change quickly and this guide is only a guide, travel safely and always be prepared to stay the night should emergencies arise.

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0/5 (2 reviews)
Damion Blacketer
Official Crew
Status: Permanently Closed
Visited: 04/02/2020

As jason stated previously, this is closed permanently, massive slide wiped the road out completely.. made for great pictures.
Trail Review: Copper Creek - Damion Blacketer
Trail Review: Copper Creek - Damion Blacketer
Status: Impassable
Visited: 02/08/2020

There is a large uprooted tree and mudslide blocking the entire path about 1/4 mile in from highway 706.

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