Table Mesa Area

New River, Arizona (Maricopa) Technical Rating: 1-10

Last Updated: 04-14-2016

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Status: Open
Permit Information:
Permit Required - Click Here
Difficulty: Easy-Extreme
Length: 200.0 Miles
Category: Altitude, Desert, Iconic, Mine, Mud, Overland, Rock, Sand, Wash, Water
Highest Elevation: 2,000 '
Duration: 3 days
Shape of Trail: Other Shapes
Best Direction to Go: N/A
Connecting Trails:
Nearest Town:
New River
Nearest Town w/ Service:
Black Canyon City
Forest Service Road: # 99XX, TV-X
Forest Service / Park District:
Hassayampa BLM Field Office

Table Mesa Area Highlights

Highlights: Table Mesa Area - New River, Arizona

The Table Mesa Area includes State Trust Land, private land, and land managed by the Hassayampa BLM Field Office. It has trails that can be enjoyed by a variety of outdoor enthusiasts and 4wd vehicles. It includes areas for motorcycles, ATV's, and full size modified off-road vehicles. While the main dirt roads (Table Mesa / 9997, and Little Pan Mine / 9998) are well maintained throughout much of the area - allowing any vehicle access - some of the most challenging off-road trails in Arizona can also be found here.

The BLM's Table Mesa Recreation Area also includes primitive dispersed camping and a staging spot with an ATV training area and vault toilets. There are also a lot of connecting roads and hiking / biking trails throughout the area that will take you to scenic views, including Little Grand Canyon. A lot of people also come here for target practice, which can only be done in certain areas.

There's certainly no shortage of outdoor fun throughout the Table Mesa area, and with the mild winters it can be enjoyed year around with summers being hot.

Technical rating: (1-10) Easy-Extreme

Severe conditions. Extreme caution recommended. Impassable by stock vehicles. Winching required. Trail building necessary. May be impassable. Impassable under anything but ideal conditions. Vehicle damage probable. Personal injury possible. Extreme caution necessary.

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Directions to Trailhead

The easiest way to access the 4wd Table Mesa Recreation Area is from I-17 exit 236, Table Mesa Road. Much of this area requires a State Trust Land Permit (see the "Access issues" section below) even if you are ultimately trying to access BLM land.

At the end of the exit ramp a sign points east along Table Mesa Road which is State Trust Land. The opposite direction takes you to a frontage road that also crosses State Trust Land to get to the BLM's Table Mesa Recreational Area.

If heading south on the Interstate, the Table Mesa Road exit will loop around to the Frontage Road where you'll turn left onto it, or continue straight to the east side of the freeway. The Frontage Road will take you north to the an intersection on the western end of Table Mesa Road ( ) and the southern end of 9999 ( ); just shy of the BLM land area.

To avoid State Trust Land, you can enter the Recreation area via Old Black Canyon Highway or Black Canyon Trail.

You can also reach the area from the south via Pipeline Trail or from the east via Table Mesa Road from the Seven Springs area.


Trailhead GPS Coordinates:

34° 0' 14.83"N
112° 9' 40.28"W

GPS Exchange File:


Route Description

The Table Mesa Area has off-road trails for every kind and capability of vehicles; from overland to rock crawling and all kinds of four-wheel drive adventures in between. Some trails are intended only for ATVs others are for Motorcycles, and there are also areas intended for highly modified full-size off-road vehicles; providing some of the most technical trails in Arizona (see connected trails for more details). Be sure to check the Table Mesa Recreation Area Map provided by the BLM, and the State Trust Land maps for the intended use of each off-road trail. Also be aware and respectful of the private land in the area.

Access Issues

Much of the area is State Trust Land, and as such a State Trust Land permit is required to access those particular areas. You can learn more about State Land Trust Permits here.

Also, check with the BLM for:

More Information

Camping and Lodging

There are plenty of primitive camping areas within the BLM's Table Mesa Recreation Area. For more details see the BLM's web page:

You can also find plenty of hotel choices half-an-hour to the south in the Northern Phoenix area. There's also the Mountain Breeze Motel within Black Canyon City.

Fj trailersummer2016

Seth Hollist

I've been writing for TrailsOffroad since August 2015. Before that I had been off-road in places like central and northern Utah, east and west Texas, and...

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Trip Reports

Fj trailersummer2016

Seth Hollist
Official Crew

Offroaded on 04-14-2016

Status: Open

Conditions: Dry

Low Temperature: 60° F

High Temperature: 85° F

Trip Report: Table Mesa Area - New River, Arizona Trip Report: Table Mesa Area - New River, Arizona Trip Report: Table Mesa Area - New River, Arizona Trip Report: Table Mesa Area - New River, Arizona Trip Report: Table Mesa Area - New River, Arizona Trip Report: Table Mesa Area - New River, Arizona

I went with some fellow Trails Offroad mappers on a trip through Table Mesa Recreation Area withe goal of mapping out Pipeline Trail only to discover a few portions of it were closed; along with Raw Deal. This is partly due to mining operations expanding, and party due to misuse and vandalism. This prompted us to split Pipeline Trail into three parts (northern portion coming soon). Also part of AZCO Mine Road is also closed on a portion of private property.

Fj trailersummer2016

Seth Hollist
Official Crew

Offroaded on 11-14-2015

Status: Open

Conditions: Dry

Low Temperature: 50° F

High Temperature: 70° F

Trip Report: Table Mesa Area - New River, Arizona Trip Report: Table Mesa Area - New River, Arizona Trip Report: Table Mesa Area - New River, Arizona Trip Report: Table Mesa Area - New River, Arizona Trip Report: Table Mesa Area - New River, Arizona Trip Report: Table Mesa Area - New River, Arizona

I drive up to Black Canyon City to start my journey on this fine Saturday, late in the morning. The weather was nice and cool, but not too cool. It was sunny enough to get warm inside my FJ, so I kept the fan on. The trip started out on Old Black Canyon Hwy Trail ( ). As I made my way through the windy switchbacks I got one of the side steps attached to my sliders (for the kids) caught up on a cliff side while driving through a particularly skinny spot. Afterwards, I made my way down 9999 ( ) to Table Mesa Road ( ) for a quick, spirited drive all the way down to Bolder Creek Ranch. Traffic was light, but I did encounter a few people driving the opposite direction, which wasn't a problem on this wide road. After turning around, I took 9995 to 9994, observing a number of target shooters off the side of the road, then up to the Little Pan Staging Area. I made a quick stop at there for a potty break and then continued north on the Little Pan Mine Road / 9998 ( ). The road was a bumpier here than anywhere else so far, but not nearly as bad as what was coming up soon. After Crossing the Agua Fria River, I continued north on 9999 and onto Black Canyon Trail where I got to use the A-TRACK and stock e-locker in a few difficult spots. I finally made it back to some well-maintained dirt roads just as it was starting to get dark. Still it took another 10 - 15 minutes to get to the freeway to make my way back home.

Other than the step, the only other damage to the vehicle was some very noticeable natural Arizona pinstriping obtained on the skinny roads found on both Old Black Canyon Hwy, and Black Canyon Trail.

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