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Gold Fever Trail (10/04/2019)
Super easy trail to run, I went there to check out the old gold mines and structures. Not much is left except the history and mounds of tailings. Was pretty busy later in the after noon with lots of people flying down the trail. The weather was perfect and the trail has some off shoots that are a blast to run as well. Road condition was good with a few water ruts and holes (all dry now of course). Some of the placards are missing but the numbers are still there. The last 1/4 of the trail seems to have been recently graded, it was very rough. Trail ends right next to the land fill. Overall it was a fun trip and the views were awesome. Meet some really nice people up there. Also seems like they are getting ready for winter and some trails are closed, so check with the discovery center before you decide to venture off gold fever trail.