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  • 2018 Jeep Wrangler (4 door) (3.5" lift, 35" tires)
  • 2015 Jeep Renegade (Stock lift, 28" tires)
Jeeper for over 10 years now! Before owning our Jeep JKU & Jeep BU Renegade we had a 1995 Jeep Grand Cherokee & A 2005 Jeep Liberty. We loved the adventures they took us on then and we love the adventures we are taking on now It's more than just a jeep... It's a Wayalife

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2018 Jeep Wrangler (4 door)

Lift Size: 3.5"
Tire Size: 35"
AKA Ghost! Build is slowly in progress CURRENT: Teraflex 3.5" Lift Teraflex VS9550 Shocks Nitto Trail Grapplers 35x12.5 Bilstein 5100 Series Steering Stabilizer Steer Smarts Yeti XD Front Track Bar SuperLift Rear Track Bar DV8 SR-1 Rocker Guards Evo Manufacturing Rock Skins Armor Poison Spyder Brawler Lite Front Bumper Smittybilt XRC Gen II 9,500 Winch Smittybilt D-Ring Front aFe Magnum Dry Flo SpiderTrax 1.5” 5 on 5 Spacers Smittybilt Air Compressor Smittybilt Bowless Fastback Soft Top Hooke Road Cowl Armor Ronin Factory Shorty Antenna JeCar Grab Bars BaoFeng UV-5R Dual Band Cobra Ultra III CB Radio

2015 Jeep Renegade

Lift Size: Stock
Tire Size: 28"
AKA Zabimaru ( Wife named it... LOL ) Bone stock... but she wanted Angry Eyes

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The Slot (03/21/2021)
Awesome place to visit while in Anza! The trail is easy going all the way through cause of the high traffic and gets just a little more fun past the parking lot for the Slot Hike but nothing any 4x4 can't handle. The hike is definitely a cool place to check out. Felt like Indiana Jones hiking through it
Tectonic Gorge - Ocotillo Wells SVRA (03/21/2021)
Fun trail!!! Starts off mellow then gets really fun when you get deep into the canyon! It's like a slalom course... came across a few SXS & dirt bikers so keep your ears open for oncoming traffic on blind switchbacks. Deep sand here and there, couple of rocky sections but nothing a stock 4x4 can't handle! As a big X-FIles fan this was an awesome little trail to visit before we ended our vacation in Borrego Springs!
Sandstone Canyon (03/20/2021)
This trail is beautiful! Highly suggest running it without the top if not fully nude. The canyon walls begin to close in and makes you feel like Indiana Jones! Unfortunately couldn't get to the good stuff because of the closure but it was still worth it! Highest rating now would probably be a 3 just because of the deep sand you will encounter on the trail. Definitely worth the visit if you're in the area. Didn't get to get out and take too many pics cause it was busy. Lots of traffic in and out of the canyon along with campers too.
Fish Creek Trail - Anza Borrego (03/20/2021)
Nice & scenic desert trail that winds its way through the beautiful Anza Borrego canyons! So many places to camp along the way. We travelled West-East as we came down Pinyon Mountain through Hapaha Flats to travel Fish Creek. It's an easy drive but 4x4 is required for 70% of the trail is deep sand and some sections get a little rocky here and there. Washboarded for sure so air down.
Pinyon Mountain Road (03/20/2021)
AWESOME!!!! Such a fun trail... everything from scenic desert washes to rocks! Don't take this trail lightly. Although there are only 3-4 rough spots of the trail, they are definitely a load of fun! The squeeze got 1 of the jeeps in our group ( Fender & Side Mirror ) while all of us definitely got some fender rash and couple of bruised bumpers! The rock garden & waterfall are really fun but nothing major. Heart Attack Hill is LEGIT! So many "WHOAS" on the final obstacle, haha!
Font's Point (03/19/2021)
Beautiful!!!! Trail is a true 3 rating due to the deep sand we encountered. Such an amazing place to visit while in Anza. We got to enjoy it at sunset and it made it that much more awesome.
Bull Frog (03/06/2021)
Fun Fun Fun!!! If this is your style of off-roading then add it to your To-Do! Great day on the trails with some good scars to be proud off. Bring some lunch and spend a day or whole weekend out here.
SR2013 - Red Canyon Trail (01/16/2021)
Great trail!!! A perfect place to spend the day or the weekend with the amount of open spots to camp out in. We ran the trail as intended from North-South and ended our adventure on the Bradshaw Trail Eagle Mountain Mine Railroad Trestle! The trail itself is very easy going with a few spots to keep you entertained. Only engaged 4wd in deep sandy spots and the minor hill climbs you will encounter. Bring lunch and enjoy.
Hungry Valley SVRA 4x4 Practice Area (11/29/2020)
Perfect place to enjoy a weekend or a day!!! The obstacles are a blast to do and put your rig through some tests as well as your abilities. Be coming back here again as a few of my friends are getting into the off-road life and I think this would be a great place for them to learn
Kramer Arch (10/11/2020)
Awesome!!! Continuing our adventure from Wall Street we ventured through parts of Doran Canyon & Odessa Canyon onto Tin Can Alley. From there we trekked through Mule Canyon into Phillips Canyon and ended our adventure at Kramer Arch. The road is easy going until you get to Phillips Canyon & Kramer Arch... it gets a sandier & rockier but not bad at all. Take it easy going through the Arch... If you feel uneasy have someone spot you. Great place to explore for the day or the weekend!
Wall Street West Connector (10/11/2020)
Always a great place to explore! Started on Wall Street off Fort Irwin Rd. and made our way through the canyons into Bismark Mine via Stray Hair & Bismarks Hairpiece! Nothing major on the trail aside from steep climbs and occasional rocks & ruts... Nothing a stock high clearance 4x4 can't tackle. Since it was a solo run I kept it mild but will be back to get wild on Odessa Canyon & Doran Loop