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G. Martin, gm4x4 on Youtube , is a California native, born and raised in northern California and now living and wheeling in southern California. He enjoys exploring new trails and setting up camp in the remote outdoors. You may come across him in the middle of the Mojave Desert, the mountains of Big Bear, in the central Sierras near Shaver Lake or any other dirty, rocky road in the southwest. TrailsOffroad offers a focus point in G.Martin's offroad exploration.

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Lift Size: 4"
Tire Size: 37"
This 2015 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon Hard Rock has factory e-lockers, electronic sway bar disconnect, extended rock sliders, metal bumpers and 4:10 gearing. Upgrades to this Jeep include a 4” Synergy suspension lift kit, KMC wheels and 37” Maxxis Trepadors, an AEV tire carrier and 10 gallon gas caddy, JBL Speaker LED headlights , an x20 winch by Smittybilt and more.

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Lift Size: 3.5"
Tire Size: 30"
1996 Geo tracker with 2.5" suspension lift, plus 1" body lift. Zuks Offroad rear bumper and tire carrier.

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Lift Size: Stock
Tire Size: 31"
2017 Chevy Colorado ZR2. All stock.

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(within last 6 months)
Mojave Megaphone / Mesquite Spring (03/27/2020)
Made a stop here on our way up Crucero Road and into Afton Canyon.
BL9470 - Hidden Valley Wash (03/27/2020)
We didn’t have time to run this trail, but went past the east end at Crucero Road and BLM has been putting a lot more trail markers up. The new trail markers (we only saw them at the east end) are now labeling this trail as MT 9470, not BL 9470.
Hungry Valley SVRA - Old Cottonwood Trail (01/25/2020)
We were in the area, so had to make a quick run up and down WP3.
Hungry Valley SVRA - Rattler Trail (01/25/2020)
Ran through this trail to cut over from the 4x4 practice area to Old Cottonwood.
Hungry Valley SVRA - Pronghorn Trail (01/25/2020)
We made a quick run up the wall and back down. There was slot of bike traffic out there today.
Hungry Valley SVRA 4x4 Practice Area (01/25/2020)
Had some fun on the obstacles here. We played a little on the steps, some of the rock piles and the sluice. They filled in some dirt around the base of the steps making them much easier now.
Hungry Valley SVRA - Pipeline Road (01/25/2020)
Made a quick run though here today.
Hammer Down Trail - Cougar Buttes (01/17/2020)
Always a great time on this trail!
3N83 - Upper Holcomb (12/29/2019)
Great trail in the snow!
3N69 – Gold Mountain (12/26/2019)
Lots of snow up here. Had a great time making tracks in the fresh powder!
3N43 - Harvey Mine (12/25/2019)
Lots of fresh powder on the trail.
3N10 – John Bull (12/23/2019)
Had a great time on this trail. Ran it from west to east. We weren’t expecting to get all the way through, but we made it.
3N61 - Jacoby Canyon (12/21/2019)
Still closed at the north / east gate.
NR8445 - Box Canyon (12/15/2019)
This is a very easy and scenic trail.
Fish Lake Valley Hot Well (Route) (12/14/2019)
I made an hour long detour through here on my way between Reno and southern California. It was worth it! I will have to plan another trip out this way to spend more time at the hot well.
Hungry Valley SVRA - Homestead Trail (12/05/2019)
This trail is temporarily closed due to storm damage.
Hammer Down Trail - Cougar Buttes (11/29/2019)
There’s some snow out there!
7N17 - Slick Rock Road (11/25/2019)
Snow is coming this afternoon, so the trail will close for the season.
6S59 - Shuteye Peak (11/25/2019)
Still open as of now, but snow is coming in tonight. The forest service may close it for the season at any time.
3N76 West (11/24/2019)
Fun little trail to explore.
2N09 - Polique Canyon (11/23/2019)
There’s a little bit of snow up there, but still easy enough for a Prius.
2N05 - Big Bear View (11/22/2019)
Closed for the season.
3N76 East (11/22/2019)
Theres is not much to this trail. It's just a short spur to a dead-end.
2N93B - Green Canyon (11/22/2019)
Closed for the season.
2N27 - Sand Canyon (11/22/2019)
Closed for the season
7N17 - Slick Rock Road (11/15/2019)
This is a great trail! One of my favorites for sure!
26E216 - Mirror Lake Trail (10/31/2019)
Closed for the season
26E213 - Coyote Lake Trail (10/31/2019)
Closed for the season.
8S42 to Sand Flats (10/31/2019)
Seasonal closure at WP14. Opens again on or after June 15.
26E212 - Red Lake Trail (10/31/2019)
Closed for the season

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