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  • 2018 Jeep Wrangler (4 door) (Stock lift, 33" tires)

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2018 Jeep Wrangler (4 door)

Lift Size: Stock
Tire Size: 33"
Suspension & Tires: Stock Rubicon setup (33” BFG KO2’s) Front bumper: GoRhino - Rockline stubby w/ skid Quadratec - Stealth 12k winch Rigid lights - Amber & Fogs Armor/Protection: MetalCloak - Undercloak MetalCloak - rear diff skid MetalCloak - CAD skid MetalCloak - steering stabilizer relocation Rugged Ridge - boatside rock rails (not terribly happy with the amount of flex they have) Misc: Diode Dynamics - A-pillar platforms Rigid lights - HyperSpots BlackOak LED - wide angle ditch lights Comms - Uniden CB, handheld Baofeng HAMs And more...

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Brody Hills (09/19/2020)
Took a small group of 3 Jeeps back along this route for a little rockhounding. We weren't disappointed. Literally millions of nodules and geodes littering the sides of the trail. Our group made it through pretty easily and I believe our total trail time out and back was in the neighborhood of 45 minutes. The "rough" section of the trail is truly rough, but not terribly technical. With careful wheel placement my stock 4dr Rubicon made it through without a single bump. The trail write-up isn't lying about close brush and pin striping. There are very few spots to turn around with plenty of fender scrapes, and thankfully we didn't go nose-to-nose with any other vehicles. With the exception of the forest itself, I wouldn't consider the route terribly scenic, but it was a wonderful little trip regardless. FR64 has a boatload of camping spots to check out.
South Mesa (07/11/2020)
We only ran this trail north, connecting to it from the Conger Water trail, terminating at Camp Wood Road. This particular leg was very easy with smooth sailing. Some very impressive campsites (huge!) along the way both left and right, with some very interesting granite boulder fields and a small dry creek running north/south. I’d absolutely come back in the fall to camp here with the family, or with a large group for a weekend of trail riding.
Conger Water (07/11/2020)
We ran this trail East to West, using it as a connection to complete the “Sheridan-Conger-South Mesa” loop. Over all pretty simple, a little bumpy here and there, but nothing most stock high clearance vehicles can’t get though. Our group found some nice shade for lunch under what was probably the tallest juniper in the area.
Sheridan Mountain (07/11/2020)
Small group of 3 rigs made pretty quick work of these trail. It was an interesting look at the remains left by the Stubbs Fire, with the route quickly going from lush to desolate. 90% of this trail is a easy (for a stock Wrangler Rubicon) with the last mile-ish becoming rougher and more technical. Lines were fairly easy to see and no one in the group required any spotting. We stopped just past the end of the GPX route provided on this page. We plan to head back someday to see how far we can get down the track. All in all, a nice day, albeit hot. Little to no shade by the end of the route. We got to see a monsoon pop up out of nowhere over the course of an hour. Overall the views were very nice!