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Trint grew up riding dirt bikes in the creek beds of the Texas Panhandle. While attending college in Colorado in the late 1990's, he saw a magazine article about a Ford Explorer four-wheeling club. He never saw his Explorer as an adventure vehicle before, but quickly joined up and caught the bug. With his engineering background, Trint has always respected the factory design of a good truck (and recognized when manufacturers put cheap parts into something marketed for off road use). "A good driver, with a well built, stock truck can do trails that would break a $50k, built-up rig with an inexperienced driver." He put that 1st gen Explorer though hell and it always held up, earning great respect from the "big dawgs" in the club. (And earning the nickname, "The Idiot Stocker.") The truck was christened "BamBam" because of the frequent sounds ringing out from the factory skid plates. Now that Trint is "grown-up" (quotation marks intentional), he's a bit less inclined to dent up his pretty Toyota Tacoma, but still feels the same way about superior engineering. Trint's love for the mountains was ingrained at a very early age. 8mm film exists of 18-month-old Trint in a backpack on his dad's back while riding dirt bikes through the mountains of Red River, NM. Although Trint does enjoy a good, tough, technical rock trail, he can often be found on easier, winding, Alpine roads just taking the glory of God's country.

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Lift Size: 1.5"
Tire Size: 32"
2011 Toyota Tacoma TRD Off Road - "Buster" "Leveling lift" raised the front about 1.5 inches via Bilstein 5100 adjustable shocks. Otherwise stock. 32" Cooper Discoverer S/T Maxx on American Racing Mojave 16x8 wheels 4XInovation rock sliders RCI front skid plate AVEC 30" LED light bar (hidden behind stock front bumper) Cobra 75 WXST CB with Firestik antenna on Relentless hood mount. Custom on-board air with Viair pump and 2 gallon tank

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Pickle Gulch (Blackhawk) (10/17/2020)
Hot and dusty today. Very windy with a hint of smoke in the air. Ran this for the first time today solo in a (almost) stock Tacoma on 32s. The pit at WP4 is dry and rock-hard. It looked easier than trying the narrow bypass, so I took it without issue. I wasn't sure about the Hill obstacle at WP6, and my GPX data mentioned the bypass, so I took it. (No indication it was closed. I should have done more research before heading out!) I find it hard to believe the hill is harder than the bypass! It was gnarly. But I made it through the rock climb on the left with a heavy dose of ATRAC.
Gamble Gulch Connector (10/17/2020)
Drove this to head back to town after doing Pickle Gulch. Dry and dusty. Very windy and just a hint of smokey smell in the air.
Gamble Gulch (10/17/2020)
Drove the south half of this road after doing Pickle Gulch. It was very windy with just a bit of smokey smell in the air. Road is dry and dusty.
Michigan Creek (08/13/2020)
It was hot and dry today. And the views were diminished by wildfire smoke. But it was still great to be on the trail.
Hancock Pass (08/11/2020)
We ran Tin Cup, Napoleon, and Hancock passes in our RZR. Hot, dry day. Trails were busier than I expected for a Tuesday. And these trails are rough! Big rocks! But we had a blast.
Tincup Pass (08/11/2020)
We ran Tin Cup, Napoleon, and Hancock passes in our RZR. Hot, dry day. Trails were busier than I expected for a Tuesday. And these trails are rough! Big rocks! But we had a blast. Mirror lake was really low. No water on the trail.
Hancock Lake (08/10/2020)
We ran Hancock Lake and Pomeroy Lakes on a Monday morning. Maybe it's because we got an early start, but it was so quiet and peaceful. We just saw a couple of runners.
Pomeroy Lakes (08/10/2020)
We ran Hancock Lake and Pomeray Lakes on a Monday. I didn't realize the upper Mary Murphy was closed. There was no signage and plenty of evidence of recent travel. Oops!
Georgia Pass (07/25/2020)
Guided a newbie Jeep and an experienced Jeep for their first trip to Summit County. It was a rainy, soggy, slippery day. It was crowded too. Almost got run over by a side-by-side who took the illegal bypass at waypoint 13... bonehead. Jeep 1 was having issues with transfer case linkage. Jeep 2 died just before the summit. (He's got a hybrid and the batteries drained.) Tacoma never broke a sweat. After a few power donations from the Taco, we got him limped home. On the way down the south side, we were VERY disappointed to find the Moose Caboose in Jefferson closed. I hope it's just a 'Rona thing and not permanent!!!
Middle Fork Swan River (07/18/2020)
I dropped in from Deer Creek today. Just above waypoint 15, I ran into this great group of folks from Dillon. (Great to meet ya'll!) I went down to check the snow at Tombstone Hill. It is all clear of snow. However, I did have to shovel a bit of snow just to get past a drift above Waypoint 14. There was a second drift that was so hard-frozen that my Tacoma drove over the top of it without breaking through. Stay the trail, folks!!
Crooked Creek (07/18/2020)
Hot, dry, dusty day. There was a 100-miler race going on so we saw dozens of runners and a half-dozen aid stations. It made for a slow trip.
Baldy Mountain Road (07/11/2020)
Sunny and hot (for Colorado) this weekend. 80 degrees in Summit County is rare! The trail is dry and dusty. The views are unreal, even with a bit of summer haze.
Indiana Creek - Pennsylvania Creek Connector (07/02/2020)
The trail is dry and open. Hats off to whoever cleared the downed trees. It must have been a rough winter up here!
Pennsylvania Creek (07/01/2020)
Beautiful day! The trail is open and dry. Hats off to whoever cleared ALL the downed trees! It must have been a rough winter up here! We saw lots of evidence of moose (chewed bark and antler rubbing). The ruts are a bit deeper this year. More fun!
Indiana Creek (07/01/2020)
Beautiful afternoon on the trail! It's open and dry. We saw lots of evidence of moose (tree rubbing and chewed bark). Hats off to whoever cleared all the downed trees!
Webster Pass (06/19/2020)
Summit County gate is still closed.
Deer Creek (06/19/2020)
Snow blocks the trail above the last switchback.
Georgia Pass (06/14/2020)
The trail is blocked at the Sluice Box (Waypoint 14). Some bone-heads are trying to bypass by going off-trail on the right, but this (while destroying the area) only gets half-way up the Sluice. There's plenty more ice above the bypass and snow above that. Please stay the trail!
Brewery Hill (06/14/2020)
The trail is now clear of snow. It is very muddy around Waypoint 3.
Forest Queen (06/14/2020)
Forest Queen is clear of snow and open through. It is muddy in spots.
North Fork Swan River (06/14/2020)
The trail is blocked with snow just before Waypoint 5.
American Gulch/Humbug Hill (06/14/2020)
American Gulch is open through.
Middle Fork Swan River (06/14/2020)
Middle Fork is open up to the middle of Tombstone Hill. Above the Tombstone both sides are blocked with snow and will be for a while yet.
Warden Gulch (06/05/2020)
The water crossing off of Peru Creek is running deep and fast. The water almost topped my 32" tires. The trail is blocked by snow near waypoint 4.
Peru Creek (06/05/2020)
Peru Creek is blocked by a 3-4 foot snow drift between Chihuahua Gulch and Cinnamon Gulch, The trail is VERY busy with campers and hikers.
Prospect Hill/French Gulch Connector (06/02/2020)
The trail is open and dry. There is a logging operation near the meadow and the top of the trail seems narrower and more tippy than before.
Brewery Hill (06/02/2020)
The trail is open, but only if you know how to romp through some good snowdrifts. We came from the American Gulch side and, after a couple of tries, made it past the mud hole (first three pics). Just past that (the spot in the highlight picture) we got stuck when the water cave under the snow collapsed under the truck. We had to winch out. Since it was getting dark, we turned around, even though the rest of the trail was probably passable.
Extension Mill Road (06/02/2020)
The trail is open through. It's muddy in places, especially between waypoints 3 and 4. A few spots are badly rutted but passable.
Prospect Hill Road (06/02/2020)
The trail is open and dry. A new logging operation near the meadow has widened and smoothed the trail there and opened up the view to the south.
Gold Run Gulch (06/02/2020)
The trail is open through. It varies from dry and dusty to muddy and rutted.
American Gulch/Humbug Hill (06/02/2020)
We took the trail from the meadow end and made it about 50 yards past Brewery Hill (Waypoint 14). There the snow drifted across the trail 3 or 4 feet deep. If the warm weather keeps up, this could be busted through in a week. Maybe less.
Slaughterhouse Gulch (05/22/2020)
We took our Rzr out today to shake out the new suspension and tires. Gorgeous weather. Had a blast! The trail is very dusty. Stage 2 fire restrictions. FYI, the metal sign at the trailhead is knocked over. If there hadn't been a group of Jeeps there, we might have missed it.