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Hi, I'm Ryan! I am a Colorado native and I've been wheeling since I was 16 years old. I grew up with a relentless passion for all things Jeep and off road related, and that passion has never died out. I am a member of the Mile-Hi Jeep Club, Patrol 16 Sasquatch Jeepers and currently own an '06 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon Unlimited (LJ) nicknamed "Minion". I am a huge supporter of Stay the Trail and Tread Lightly, and have participated and even been in charge of many trail restoration projects. I have been a trail leader several times for events such as All-4-Fun, ColoradoFest, Set Them Free, 14er Fest, and other. I am also the creator of the Unlimited LJ Adventure. My rig is built for extreme offroading, but I love to get my tires dirty on any kind of trail whether it's rock crawling or just scenic high Alpine drives. I've wheeled all over the country including Colorado, Utah, Kansas, the Carolinas, AZ, and California. I love a great adventure, and love even more to share those adventures with others. If you see the "minion" out on the trail, make sure to stop and say hello.

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2006 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon (LJ) Genright Aluminum Front Hiline fenders Genright Aluminum Rear Corner Armer Genright Mini boatside rock sliders Poison Spyder full cage Front custom bumper built by The Flop Shop Genright rear bumper Front axle is a custom 609 - Spidertrax 9'' center section with D60 outters, running a Yukon Grizzly locker, Yukon Hardcore locking hubs, and chromolly shafts. Rear axle is also a custom 609 - Trailgear 9" center, d60 shafts, Yuko Zip Locker. 40" Mickey Thompson Baja Boss tires 17'' ATX slab beadlocks Custom long arm lift with 14" ORI struts

2016 Ram 1500

Lift Size: Stock
Tire Size: 32"

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Tierod Bender Rock Crawling Trail (10/12/2019)
Ran the trail with only 2 very well built rigs on 39s and 40s. Took us 20 mins to run all the way through and even had to pull out the winch once for a quick recovery. I have now ran this trail several times, with both larger rigs and rigs that meet the minimum requirements, and it has never taken us much longer than an hour to run. If you are with a group of larger equipped rigs, dual lockers and winches, and don't have any mechanical breaks, this is a quick, less than an hour run. If everyone in your group is minimally equipped, I can see this taking a bit longer as there will be more recoveries.
Middle Middle Rock Crawling Trail (10/12/2019)
Ran the trail in the LJ on 40s and a buggy on 39s. Finished in just under an hour. Great trail with some big boulders and fun obstacles. My favorite it the last one.
What (10/10/2019)
This trail is currently part of the PSI Travel Management Plan, and there is an alternative, Alt C, that would connect this trail to Turkey Track. Please comment to the FS before Nov 4th, 2019 and support the connection of these two roads.
Turkey Track Road (10/10/2019)
This trail is currently part of the PSI Travel Management Plan, and there is an alternative, Alt C, that would connect this trail to Turkey Track. Please comment to the FS before Nov 4th, 2019 and support the connection of these two roads.
Hancock Pass (10/04/2019)
Trail is still currently open 100%. Not sure what this weekend's weather will bring. It was extremely dry and dusty. The trail is extremely rough and rocky on the St. Elmo side, but not difficult for a modified rig. Just rough and slow. An aggressive stock rig with good tires could easily do this trail. The Pitkin side of the pass is a whole lot smoother with some rocks here and there and some mild washout areas and they the tight switchback at waypoint 5 which in my opinion would be incredibly difficult for a low clearance vehicle, but no issues at all for any kind of high clearance vehicle. I watched numerous Jeeps go through no issues, down and back up.
Alpine Tunnel East (10/04/2019)
Trail is 100% open still. Dry and dusty with the occasional pothole. Aspen viewing as of this past weekend was still very good!
Meadow Creek Road (09/20/2019)
The leaves are changing and getting close to peak. The ground cover has definitely changed over and it's only a matter of days before this is a great spot to visit. There are tons of great camp spots located along this road, but be aware that right now it is busy with a bunch of hunters.
Aqueduct Road (09/20/2019)
Not the most interesting road in the area, but definitely some great camping spots. This road makes a good dirt alternate from US-40 if you are traveling from Winter Park to Granby.
Poughkeepsie Gulch (09/05/2019)
The upper gate has. Even opened by the BLM allowing people to access Lake Como, but the middle gate and lower gate still remain closed until crews can get in and clear avalanche debris and repair resources damage. The wall obstacle is still not accessible as it is below the middle gate. (See photo)
Middle St. Vrain (09/02/2019)
As of 9/3/19, Both Middle St Vrain and Coney Flats are both closed due to Forest Order ARP-BRD-2019-01 while bridge replacement work is done. You can find the order along with maps here: https://www.fs.usda.gov/Internet/FSE_DOCUMENTS/fseprd657032.pdf
Coney Flats (Coney Creek) (09/02/2019)
As of 9/3/19, Both Middle St Vrain and Coney Flats are both closed due to Forest Order ARP-BRD-2019-01 while bridge replacement work is done. You can find the order along with maps here: https://www.fs.usda.gov/Internet/FSE_DOCUMENTS/fseprd657032.pdf
Pearl Pass (08/31/2019)
Trail is open on the Crested Butte side to the summit but blocked by snow dropping back down on the Aspen Sied
Grizzly Gulch Road (08/30/2019)
This trail was a wonderful surprise. The rough 4wd road keeps the passenger cars on Stevens Gulch and allows you to really enjoy the area. My only complaint is I wish the trail went farther. It slowly gets more and more difficult the closer you get to Grizzly Peak and it appears this road sees a lot of avalanches from the amount of debris I saw that was obviously from multiple years. Great trail I am glad i found.
Stevens Gulch Road (08/30/2019)
This is the only road to access the Gray Trailhead. It is rough and you will see all kinds of vehicles on it with many drivers in over there head. People don't appear to know any trail etiquette so be prepared for that. Even with all the traffic it sees, the drive was nice with very pretty views at the end.
Woods Creek Road (08/30/2019)
This road should appeal to those planning to fish or the hike in the area. This is a very easy road for anyone to traverse. Low clearance vehicles should expect a lot of potholes and some uneven road surfaces, but if you take it slow, it should not be an issue considering the vehicles seen at the parking lots. If you are looking for dispersed camping from your vehicle or looking for 4wd roads, this is NOT a place you will enjoy.
Prospect Gulch (08/23/2019)
Great trail to avoid the crowds and see some really cool mining history. The road itself is not very exciting as it is pretty well maintained. But the views and attractions make it worthwhile.
Mogul Mine (08/23/2019)
This trail combined with several other short ones in the area makes for a great, scenic, full-day or mine history hunting. The views are great the the crowds are thin.
Minnehaha Basin (08/23/2019)
Totally awesome trail. Fantastic views along here! The road is very easy and smooth, probably due to the number of homes on the road, but the scenery is great.
Corkscrew Pass (08/23/2019)
Started on the west side at the parking lot. Like another user said, that lot is a zoo! This was the first time I have ever driven Corkscrew from this direction and man is it steep and hard on the vehicle. If you have a big motor or any kind of heat issues, I would avoid doing the trail in this direction. The avalanche that they cleared still had plenty of snow and debris. It was quite a feat from the road crews. I remember the swithcbacks being way tighter back in the day, and they are not bad at all anymore so that is a bit disappointing, but I can see why they have widened everything considering how much traffic it sees now. Fun day.
Brown Mountain (08/23/2019)
Definitely a good trail if you are looking to escape the crowds a bit and see the same views you can see on popular nearby trails. Overall though, this road takes a while to give up the good views, and the road is pretty short. I think there are better trails in the area, but then the traffic becomes a problem. It's give or take I guess.
Velocity Basin (08/23/2019)
If you are looking for an offroad challenge, look elsewhere as this trail does not provide any kind of challenge. If you are looking for stunning views or something close to town to visit due to limited time, this is the right trail for you.
Gray Copper Gulch South (08/23/2019)
This is a true hidden gem in the area. The views are awesome and the road provides just enough difficulty that you won't see any sedans or family SUVs here.
San Juan County Road 2 (08/21/2019)
The road is very busy, especially with inexperienced drivers using rental vehicles. The Jeep drivers are slow and the side by sides fast. Keep your eyes open. Many avalanches along the road, but the Grouse Gulch slide really in impressive. That snow will be around for many years.
Imogene Pass (08/19/2019)
Great trail. Ran this as part of the 2019 Unlimited LJ Adventure. The views were not as good as usual due to smoke from a nearby prescribed burn. It was very thick at times. There are no longer bathrooms along any parts of the trail, so don't rely on that.
Black Bear Pass (08/19/2019)
We ran Black Bear the morning after it opened for the season as part of the 2019 Unlimited LJ Adventure. Right before the steps there is a massive amount of snow still from what appears to be several avalanches. There was still some snow on the trail, but I'm sure it is melted now. As you come down the Telluride side, the county has done a lot of work to the road and blasted a bunch of rocks. It makes things a bit interesting as there is a ton of loose rock in areas now that were dirt before. It's still as dangerous as ever, so pay attention and do not attempt this trail if you are new to 4 wheeling.
Governor Basin (08/18/2019)
Ran this as part of the 2019 Unlimited LJ Adventure. Trail is 100% open from beginning to end. Looks like a dozer came in and cleared the remaining snow drifts so they could access the working mine up there. The views are great as always and we even met a historian at the end documenting some things in the area and filling us in with a lot of great history.
Yankee Boy Basin (08/18/2019)
The trail is 100% open from beginning to end including the spur around wrights lake. I would say the trail rating here is very deceiving... up to the split with Governors, yes, the trail is a 1, but beyond that no way. The remains of the avalanche just before twin falls have totally melted out around the road, but a massive amount of snow remains in the valley. Above the falls the trail might be a bit more rutted out in places, but is pretty much how I remember it from a few years ago. The trail is extremely busy, even during the week. Expect traffic the entire way. That is why I gave it only 3 stars. Dealing with all the traffic becomes tiresome.
Poughkeepsie Gulch (08/11/2019)
Per the Forest Service and BLM, Poughkeepsie is still closed due to avalanche debris.
Iowa Gulch North (08/10/2019)
This is a really cool trail that I had no idea existed. It is very scenic and very easy to drive. The nearby hiking trails are less used than other popular hikes, so this is definitely a nice escape from the city.
Weston Pass (08/10/2019)
I really enjoyed this trail. It is very wide making passing oncoming traffic easy. It has very good open views. It may be easy which deters some people, but I enjoyed it. Not to mention the plethora of good camp spots.
Ruby (08/10/2019)
This trail is short with not a lot of excitement, but it is rougher than the graded Fairplay side of Weston Pass. There are some good views and some good camp spots. Overall, it is a nice detour if you are not in a hurry to get off the pass.
Mayflower Gulch (08/10/2019)
Really cool to see the old mining stuff here at the end of this trail.
Lake County Road 6A (08/10/2019)
The wife thought this trail was very "pretty". I thought it was just ok. It's a dirt road through the forest like stated. There are some cool views here and there and I don't doubt fall color viewing will be very good along this road.
Mosquito Pass (08/08/2019)
Mosquito Pass is now open and passable all the way through. A crew shoveled it open through the last drift.
Schofield Pass (08/08/2019)
Open all the way through. A crew has shoveled the remaining drifts and drove the entire thing yesterday.
Red Cone (08/06/2019)
The Red Cone gate has officially been opened. Trail is dry and clear all the way to Montezuma.
Radical Hill (08/06/2019)
Trail is open and passable. Super narrow in spots due to runoff chutes, so just be careful and use good judgment with your vehicle.
Ptarmigan Pass (08/05/2019)
North side of the pass is closed due to a Forest Order. https://www.fs.usda.gov/Internet/FSE_DOCUMENTS/fseprd641734.pdf?fbclid=IwAR1DWHuOBc6xtYbYsaqwVXygGn1WOMlwqXMftGRCg3mbpaQXauLLfVUwGJs
Burns Gulch (08/05/2019)
Burns Gulch will not open this year due to the Grouse Gluch Avalanche slide. The county has currently cut a trench through to Picayne and is attempting to cut county road 2 into Animas Fork. Because burns is on the other side of the creek, they are piling snow in it's direction. The avalanche is around 100 feet deep. Hopefully it will melt out next year.
McAllister Gulch (08/05/2019)
Trail is closed via a Forest Order due to washouts or something. https://www.fs.usda.gov/Internet/FSE_DOCUMENTS/fseprd641734.pdf?fbclid=IwAR1DWHuOBc6xtYbYsaqwVXygGn1WOMlwqXMftGRCg3mbpaQXauLLfVUwGJs
Tincup Pass (07/29/2019)
The trail is now snow free and can be driven all the way over. Mirror Lake is still flooded over the trail. Do not attempt to ford the water if you do not know the road.
Iron Chest (07/26/2019)
Trail is open and clear to the top. No snow, no avalanche debris, only some small washouts in the middle of the trail from the heavy snowmelt. Those didn't cause any issues and will fill in with some trail use, but just something I noticed on my way up. The trail is very hard to pass with groups. If you are the leader of a group larger than 4, you should go way out in front of the group to scout for on coming traffic as there are not too many opportunities to pull over and pass more than 1 or 2 rigs.
Shrine Pass (07/17/2019)
According to the Ranger District, the road is open from Vail Pass to Turkey Creek but closed to Red Cliff due to a road wash-out.
Rollins Pass West (07/15/2019)
Open all the way
Engineer Pass (07/12/2019)
Ran Engineer from Lake City to Animas Forks in my stock '16 Ram 2 days after it opened. It's worth noting that although the trail is not difficult, it is steep in sections and a low end transfer case is pretty much needed. It also helps to have some sort of AT or more aggressive tire. a standard street tire is asking for trouble. The lower sections of the trail are absolutely riddled in relentless avalanches. I stopped counting, there are so many. No wonder it took so long for the trail to open this year. Once above treeline, you hit the plowed snow right about waypoint 18. They have plowed it plenty wide, so no passing issues on this side. The summit, and Oh Point are both plowed. Just beyond waypoint 13 all the way to waypoint 12, the trail is currently cut very narrow with only a few spots large enough to pull out. I watched 2 large Jeep groups in opposite directions attempt to pass each other and it took FOREVER to back people down the trail to enough wide sections. Waypoint 12 is a little more torn up than the photos shown and was the only tricky section for the Ram where I needed to get out and spot the wife as she drove. The remaining part down to waypoint 11 was extremely wet and muddy. Even with brand new AT tires, aired down, we were slipping around some. From here we headed down the connector to Animas Forks. I was told on Monday (7/15) that the Mineral Creek side of the pass (waypoints 1-11) was open, but was unable to verify this firsthand.
Engineer Pass - Alpine Loop Connector (07/12/2019)
The section of trail in this guide is 100% open, connecting Animas Forks to Engineer Pass. It is muddy in places but there are no other issues. The Grassgulch Avalanche farther down the valley is impressive. But again, this entire route is open.
San Juan County Road 2 (07/12/2019)
The county road is still closed in part due to the very large avalanche just below Animas Forks. You can access Animas Forks via Hurricane and California passes, but you then have to return the same way. The avalanche is massive to say the least. I was hearing 100 foot depth stories and found it hard to believe, until I saw it for myself from a mile away. These pictures were taken on the Engineer Alpine loop connector. This is the closest I got as there was no reason to travel closer as lots of other traffic was already doing that.
California Pass (07/12/2019)
Trail is open, but extremely wet and muddy. The snow walls right now are extremely impressive, but it does make seeing oncoming traffic very difficult. In some sections it is currently impossible to pass oncoming traffic so make sure to keep an eye far out. The trail description in this guide is spot on.
Hurricane Pass (07/12/2019)
Trail is open and in good condition. Very wet and muddy on the Lake Come side of the pass, which is still very much frozen by the eay. Keep an eye out for oncoming traffic as the snow walls are high, and narrow on that side. The views currently are very impressive with the snowcapped mountains.
Engineer Pass - Alpine Loop Connector (07/10/2019)
This section of road between Animas Forks and Engineer Pass has been cleared and is now open. It is currently the only way to connect Lake City to Silverton.
Engineer Pass (07/10/2019)
Engineer is now open from Lake City to Waypoint 11, and down into Animas Forks. To get into Silverton, you must then take Hurricane Pass and California pass to county road 110. The Ouray side is still closed somewhere between waypoints 4 and 11.
Holy Cross City (07/05/2019)
Reports from this weekend say the trail is clear to French Creek and not much farther. Beyond the creek there remains heavy snow. Photos courtesy of Chris Breidenbach and The Edge Automotive 4x4.
Tincup Pass (07/02/2019)
Forest Order PSICC-2019-19 has now been rescinded. Thanks to Colorado Off Road Enterprise and Mile-Hi Jeep Club working with the Salida Ranger district to clear the avalanche debris that closed the trail on the St Elmo side. The trail is mostly clear with a few patches of snow and very wet conditions up to treeline at waypoint 6. From this point on, snow fields are almost constant with a few patches of dirt. Snow is extremely deep and off camber before ever approaching the switchbacks. Please be sure to stay on the trail and drive over snow drifts and not around them at all. On the Tincup side, the road has been reported as flooded out due to high water in Mirror Lake.
Twin Cone (06/29/2019)
Seasonal gate is now open.
Boreas Pass (06/29/2019)
Seasonal Gates have been opened and you can travel all the way through.
Stony Pass (06/26/2019)
Stony Pass is open all the way through as of yesterday. San Juan County finished plowing their end. Expect muddy conditions and Pole Creek crossing at waypoint 13 is extremely high and fast. Be careful attempting to cross.
Shrine Pass (06/24/2019)
Gate is still closed
Yankee Boy Basin (06/22/2019)
Although the trail is open, it is not 100% passable. The road is only cleared to the parking lot and bathrooms just beyond Twin Falls and waypoint 10. Beyond there it is not plowed so I assume they will let that melt out naturally.
Eagle Rock (06/22/2019)
Open all the way through
Crystal City (06/21/2019)
I'm giving this a 2 star rating only because this trail is not as easy as the low level 1 rating makes it seem and I seriously doubt a 2wd truck could do this trail. Any stock Jeep, 4runner, 4wd pickup, or something you associate with offroading in, will be perfectly fine. The terrain is not all that difficult, just really rough so SUV ground clearance is not an issue, but there are several steep hills that we attempted with an AWD crossover and the grade was too much. And although we had enough clearance, the trail is rough enough that we had to go extremely slow and very carefully pick our lines. Around a mile from lizard lake we ditched the vehicle and hiked the rest of the way. Trail is 100% open and clear of any avalanche debris. The debris fields are pretty interesting to see. Like others said, the river is raging but the mill is a rewarding experience.
Clear Lake (06/20/2019)
Per San Juan County road and bridge - road has been cleared to timberline. Beyond there is still snow in.
Devil's Canyon (06/17/2019)
Spoke to Clear Creek Ranger District today and they said the gates for this trail were opened on 6/15. Conditions are wet, but minimal snow.
Ophir Pass (06/15/2019)
Ophir is open to the summit on the Silverton side (waypoints 1-8). San Miguel County is still clearing their side from the top down to the town of Ophir.
Pearl Pass (06/14/2019)
Pearl Pass will likely not open this year due to significant avalanche debris on the Aspen side. Pitkin county is not likely to help open the road with dozers because of other priorities so the massive amount of debris will take a long time to clear by hand and saw.
Tincup Pass (05/19/2019)
Per Forest Order PSICC-2019-19, Tincup Pass is closed on the Salida Ranger District side (Waypoints 1-7) until September 1st, or until the order is rescinded. There are currently two large avalanches that cover the road in debris and those need to melt out and be cleared by heavy equipment before they will open the road. You can find the order here: https://www.fs.usda.gov/Internet/FSE_DOCUMENTS/fseprd624784.pdf?fbclid=IwAR0F9JmIoQOrC5VRqdi5AGmG-Y94yTYRgj1g4Ve4kedoobF08y5x_7yDIZc and the map here: https://www.fs.usda.gov/Internet/FSE_DOCUMENTS/fseprd624786.pdf?fbclid=IwAR1a9mcjz-x6Afr5yUPxDCaYjeuvpEQyfht2d6lp0bVfDb-AIUKCbCXETaw
Kelly Flats (05/19/2019)
Opened this weekend with the help of the Forest Service and the adopted club.
Webster Pass (05/02/2019)
LOTS OF SNOW! The east side of the pass on the South Platte Ranger District side is not seasonally closed and is open for travel. The road is wet and muddy up to the trailer parking lot. Just passed the campground, Hall Valley has snow on it. With a few dirt clearings the snow becomes constant right away at the Red Cone trailhead. It is extremely deep but we made it 1.5 miles before calling it a night on rigs all with 37s. Cleared a few small downed trees, but didn't make it far enough to see what might have happened this winter at the avalanche chute.
Moab Rim (04/17/2019)
Another great day on Moab Rim, and another great day of EJS 2019. The trail hasn't really changed although I did feel that the sand hill is a bit harder than I remember. A lot of people only dirve up the first mile and then turn around, but the views from the last overlook are worth the drive.
Kane Creek Canyon (04/16/2019)
I think the high-end rating of 10 is an exaggeration, along with the review from 4/19. This is a solid 7-8 trail for sure if you traverse the entire thing. It's worth noting that just before Hamburger Hill at waypoint 5, there is a large parking area where you can stop and scope out the hill climb and turn around if you desire. If you only go to that point, the trail is a mid range 5. Don't let the descriptions from beyond waypoint 5 scare you. There is TONS of trail to complete up to that point and is well worth the drive in a slightly modified rig. With a good spotter and proper tire placement, you can easily get a rig on 35s through this without winching. I would highly recommend lockers though if you do not have a winch.
Steel Bender (04/14/2019)
Ran this trail during EJS. It was extremely busy as expected. The start of the trail is very pretty. Not sure if it is always like that, or if it is just green due to all the winter moisture this year. There was a vendor run in front of us with a ton of rigs, so we squirted off at waypoint 4 and hit flat pass which has some bigger obstacles. I think waypoint 2 is a lot tougher than described. The right side is probably the harder lines, while left is easier. It's not super tough, just a little harder than the pics make it look.
Willow Springs Road (04/13/2019)
I've done this trail several times on my way into Arches N.P., but this time I came in for the sole purpose of camping. There are a ton of camping spots south of waypoint 17, and there is even a pit toilet building there. The spots have fire rings and are very well marked off. It's crowded, but still a great location if you are looking for somewhere to pitch camp for the night.

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