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Pearl Pass (06/27/2020)
We ran most of Pearl Pass this Saturday from the Crested Butte side in our Toyota Tundra. We stopped about a mile from the pass summit between waypoint 8 and 9 on the way up to take a break and eat lunch. The mudbog was nearly dry on the easy route and the harder mud section still looked to be deep. There are very steep rocky climbs along the shelf road between waypoints 8 and 9 and that's part of the reason we did not continue further. about a mile from the summit there was one particularly steep / very rocky section with a sharp turn (up near the alpine runoff lake under the shale field). I probably would have hit the diff and rear bumper on both the way up and way down in my Tundra, so we chose not to continue further. I had quite a few brush/tree branch scraped on my paint since my vehicle is much wider than most offroad rigs. Lucky for us a group of ATVs we ran into a few times on the trail were on their way down and said the trail was blocked with snow a little further up. Although, I forgot to ask them if they meant the summit was blocked or if it was a part of the Aspen side that was blocked. Nonetheless you still cannot complete the full trail yet. We found a great camp spot on the Crested Butte side off of Brush Creek just before between waypoints 12 and 13. This was a fantastic remote camp spot with amazing views all around. The scenery on so many parts of this trail is simply stunning. Definitely worth your time if you're in the area even if you don't reach the top.