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  • 1995 Toyota Land Cruiser (2.5" lift, 35" tires)
Dave is more of an explorer than a wheeler who loves to find remote locations to hike and kayak fish. Born and raised in Chicago for 21 years before moving to Atlanta, backroads and forests and mountains were a whole new experience and now he just can't get enough. When he's not fishing for stripers on Lake Lanier, you can find him in the mountains of North Georgia, Tennessee or South Carolina exploring and mapping backroads. Just look for the guy with the kayak on the top of the truck!

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1995 Toyota Land Cruiser

Lift Size: 2.5"
Tire Size: 35"
80 Series Land Cruiser with 2.5 Dobinsons front lift, 2.0 Dobinsons rear lift, extended brake lines, DELTA rear panhard relocation bracket, and 35 inch Cooper STT Pros.

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Forest Service Road 333 (05/13/2020)
Love this little trail. The damaged section before the swinging bridge has been repaired making this trail in pretty good shape up to Waypoint 7. From Waypoint 7 to Western Trailhead is 4x4 only in all conditions.
Forest Service Road 69C (05/13/2020)
Trail still in good shape. All camping spots open today even though all camping spots on connection trail Rock Creek Road were full. As always, a super beautiful ride.
Rock Creek Road (05/13/2020)
Trail continues to be highly maintained, suitable for pretty much any passenger vehicle. Really don't even need much ground clearance. Almost all camping spots were filled today. Counted at least 25 people fishing along the road too. Also, there is a bridge between Waypoints 5 and 6. I parked at that bridge today and hiked the little trail and found a really nice waterfall! 0.6 mile (strenuous) hike right to the falls! As if this road didn't already have enough cool stuff!!!
John Dick Mountain Road (05/13/2020)
Entire trail in good shape. This is a stunningly beautiful trail almost the whole way. 3 stars for the act of driving (just a gravel road) but 5 starts for the beautiful ride itself. Great camping all over this road too.
John Dick Creek Road (05/13/2020)
Took a ride down here today. Not much to report, trail description exactly the same. No changes to this trail in years. Easy ride, not much to see. Really only good if looking for good dispersed camping away from the more crowded areas.
Red Root Road (05/12/2020)
I know I sound like a broken record, but this trail still in bad shape. Potholes even bigger than last visit. High clearance mandatory for multiple spots and 4WD if wet. Lots of mud. Still an easy trail, but this is normally an EXTREMELY well maintained trail. I will continue to check back as this whole area is a treasure trove of waterfalls.
Brown Bottoms Road (05/12/2020)
Went back today waterfall hunting. Found a beautiful waterfall - trail starts at the camping area at Waypoint 4. Never even knew it was there!! Giving 5 stars due to waterfall finds right along this trail!
Coopers Gap Road (05/02/2020)
Took a ride down here after updating other trails in the area. Entire road in great shape. Views are stunning and the waterfall along the road was flowing good.
Hightower Gap Road (05/02/2020)
Trail in great shape, camping areas open and clean. Passed a surprisingly lot of people on the trail today - no problems, easy passing throughout.
Forest Service Road 28-1 (05/02/2020)
Trail in good shape - a little muddy in some spots but nothing to worry about. Campground was closed and dispersed camping not allowed along this trail temporarily due to pandemic.
Appalachian Blue Ridge Road (05/02/2020)
Trail in great shape as usual. Views and colors are awesome - beautiful easy ride.
Grassy Gap Road (05/02/2020)
This is such a fun trail. Ruts are big enough to make this 4x4 only now, especially in wet conditions. Still an easy trail for any high clearance 4x4, but I no longer consider this a 2WD trail anymore. The road is wide, there are plenty of easy passing areas and easy turn around areas. Good camping, scenic views.... Truly a great trail.
Red Root Road (04/24/2020)
Went back today waterfall hunting and to see if they did any work on the roads in the area. Roads still in rough shape. 2WD but high clearance needed for multiple spots. Camping area at Waypoint 5 open for a rare change! One of the best camping spots in the entire south east.
Guard Camp Road (04/24/2020)
Went back today after some rains. One large, deep, unavoidable mud hole immediately before Waypoint 6 if heading from south to north. Beware. The rest of the road in good shape. The mud hole was hard bottom, but not suitable for regular passenger cars.
Brown Bottoms Road (04/24/2020)
Went back today after some rains. Road in decent shape still, but a few muddy spots! Still suitable for most passenger vehicles.
Raven Rock Road (04/18/2020)
Road in decent shape - better than connecting Water Gauge Road. Gets muddy, beware if any recent rains. Did not hike down to Raven Rock this trip (strenuous hike) was just checking out the road conditions.
Water Gauge Road (04/18/2020)
Last half mile or so really damaged by wet weather - small ruts and potholes. Is it still possible in a passenger car? Probably, but it will be a really slow and miserable ride. Very strongly recommend ground clearance. 4WD not necessary in dry conditions. Park at the end, short hike, one of the best spots in the state!
Red Root Road (04/11/2020)
Although still an easy trail, what is normally a highly maintained gravel road has become a little bit rougher in spots. Some larger potholes and small rutted areas make ground clearance strongly recommended until maintained again. Never needed 4WD, even in wet conditions, but would definitely recommend ground clearance.
Brown Bottoms Road (04/11/2020)
Road in great shape. Camping areas vacant and clean. Nice, easy ride.
Guard Camp Road (04/11/2020)
Road in great shape. All trees cleared. Camping areas open and nice and clean.
Ivylog Gap Road (03/21/2020)
Fun easy ride with a great connecting trail (Gumlog Gap). Going from east to west it is very steep at the beginning. While it is possible in 2WD, 4WD stronlgly recommended especially if wet just due to how steep it is.
Gumlog Gap Road (03/21/2020)
Love this trail, fantastic views! Gravel worn away in many spots making for a slick ride in wet conditions. Also, in response to the below review about the name of the road, Gumlog Gap and Ivylog Gap are the official names of the roads according to the official Forest Service website.
Tray Mountain Road (03/21/2020)
Wow, this road has gotten much worse with the heavy rains this season. There were some huge mudholes that a 2WD got stuck in. There are also some considerable ruts and much larger potholes and now multiple culverts exposed. Ground clearance mandatory and 4x4 strongly recommended.
Corbin Creek Road (03/21/2020)
Train in excellent shape, pretty much all potholes and rutted or uneven areas recently repaired. 10 times smoother than the connecting road Tray Mountain Road.
Duncan Ridge Road (02/29/2020)
Good ride, very scenic with no leaves on the trees. Long ride! Road in good shape but there were many snowy/icy patches. 4WD only in due to snow/ice but trail in good shape so 2WD with ground clearance under dry conditions.
Bryant Creek Road (02/29/2020)
Fun little trail. I forget just how steep it is running from Coopers Creek up to Duncan Ridge. I'd recommend 4WD in anything except the driest of conditions. Other than that, road in great shape.
Forest Service Road 287 (02/29/2020)
Gated for some reason. Doubled checked and it is a year round trial, but it's gated.
West Wolf Creek Road (02/29/2020)
Fun easy ride - get's steep towards the Western Trailhead. Was some snow and ice today - 4WD recommended unless dry due to steep sections. Surprisingly, most of the camping areas were taken.
Cooper Creek Road (02/29/2020)
Beautiful easy drive. TOP NOTCH camping area at Waypoint 5. One of the best!!
Canada Creek Road (02/27/2020)
Took a ride down here today looking for waterfalls. Road in good shape until the last half mile, then gets rocky and that last incline/decline is pretty much 4WD only with a rut down the center. The campground at the end of the trail is truly top notch if you can get it - right next to the creek with some small rapids.
Rock Creek Road (02/27/2020)
Took a ride down here today, I keep forgetting how nice of a ride this is because it's so easy. But this ride is really great. The fish hatchery, the lake, the camp ground, bathrooms - great ride. Every camping area was open today. Fish hatchery open for visitors too! Road conditions pretty good - a little more rocky and potholes are bigger because of the wet winter - but still passable by pretty much any passenger vehicle, although ground clearance would make for a much better ride.
Hightower Gap Road (02/27/2020)
Came up here looking for snow - found some! Easy ride, trail in great shape. Some really good camping areas.
Appalachian Blue Ridge Road (02/27/2020)
Took a ride up here today looking for snow - found plenty! Stunning views with no leaves on the trees. Trail in great shape whole way.
Coopers Gap Road (02/27/2020)
Absolutely stunning views from both sides. Found a road side waterfall not normally there because of all the recent rains. Whole trail in great shape, suitable for any passenger car in dry conditinos.
Jones Creek Road (12/01/2019)
Took ride down here after some rains, trail was pretty muddy and had a few large potholes. While passable in a passenger vehicle, ground clearance and either 4x4 or good all terrain tires recommended in wet conditions. All camping areas were vacant.
Winding Stair Gap Road (12/01/2019)
Rode this trail and all the others in the area today. Leaves gone, great views! Trail in really good shape, best that I can remember.
Bull Mountain Road (12/01/2019)
Rode this trail while out updating other trails in the area. Leaves gone, trail in good shape. Parking area at Waypoint 2 completely full, nowhere to park except the lot at the end.
Forest Service Road 28-1 (12/01/2019)
Trail in great shape, suitable for any passenger vehicle in dry conditions. Leaves gone, but still a pretty ride.
Hightower Gap Road (12/01/2019)
Leaves are gone making some really awesome views. Nice easy ride.
Noontootla Road (12/01/2019)
Nice ride. Leaves are gone so good view of the creek. Some bumpy areas but still suitable for most vehicles - although ground clearance is helpful.
Springer Mountain Road (12/01/2019)
Easy and beautiful ride. Leaves gone this time of year. Parking area at Waypoint 6 completely full.
Appalachian Blue Ridge Road (12/01/2019)
Leaves gone making for absolutely spectacular views - some of the best in the state! Trail in great shape whole way.

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