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Tim lives and works in Northern Colorado. He has owned and driven 4X4 vehicles his entire adult life including Jeeps, pick ups, ATVs and UTVs. After high school, Tim's first 4X4 was a 47 Willy's CJ-2A with a flat 4 and a 6-volt electrical system. Typically wheeling in Northern Colorado or Southern Wyoming, Tim loves being in the mountains and the back country. Because of a desire to enjoy and promote responsible off-roading and to keep it available for the future, he belongs to a local 4X4 off-road club. Being part of the Trailsoffroad.com community furthers that goal as well. A love for off-road adventures, camping, fishing, and hunting keeps Tim away from pavement and always exploring. While his wife likes the comfort of a Jeep Grand Cherokee, Tim prefers the ruggedness of the Jeep Wrangler. Although most off-road time is spent in Colorado and Wyoming, an occasional trip to the Moab area is common. Tim will spend the summer going topless and enjoying the value of the great outdoors. Amateur Radio Technician license call sign: ke0npg

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Lift Size: 2.5"
Tire Size: 35"
2015 Jeep Wrangler Willy's Wheeler, 2dr. AEV 2.5" duel sport lift, stock drive train, Rockhard front bumper with a Smittybilt X2o 12k synthetic line winch. Cooper MTX 315/70/R17 tires. Smittybilt XCR rear bumper with XCR tire carrier.

2018 Jeep Wrangler (2 door)

Lift Size: 3.5"
Tire Size: 35"
2018 Jeep JL Rubicon with the 2.0 l turbo engine. Teraflex 3.5” lift with Falcon series 3.0 shocks. Rockhard mid-width aluminum front bumper with a Smittybilt 10k lbs. synthetic line winch. Bestop NX soft top. Cooper MTX 315/70/17 tires with ProComp series 34 wheels. Cobra SXT75 CB radio and Yeasu 7200 duel-band Ham radio.

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Chinaman Gulch (09/26/2019)
This is a right-of-passage trail and a must due for some serious off-roading. Two of us ran the trail on a Friday morning and had the trail all to our selves. Two jeeps: one a JL with a 3.5” lift on 37s the other a JK with a 3.5” lift on 37s. What a great opportunity for comparison. Video coming soon...stay tuned.
Bald Mountain (09/21/2019)
The Mountaineers, a 4WD club from Fort Collins, Colorado, completed Bald Mountain as part of their monthly club trip. The trail was in great shape with only two small fallen trees that needed removal. We could feel the fall weather setting in as a brisk 45 degrees with a breeze nipped the skin. Snow is not too far away.
Cedar Park Road (09/20/2019)
Cedar Park Road is an easy route that is the regular access to Storm Mountain. The section of the road between Waypoints 1 and 2 is regularly used by the residents who live in the neighborhood in the shadow of Storm Mountain. This lower segment of the road is narrow so proceed around curves with caution. During this trip, the sky was clear and the view down to the front range valley was impressive. We encountered quite a few other vehicles carrying or towing ATVs and motorcycles to use on Storm Mountain Road.
Storm Drain (09/14/2019)
It was nice to explore the area around Storm Mountain. It's too bad we have lost another trail when Storm Drain was closed after about 1 mile. The campsite listed is really nice.
Foggy Park Road (09/14/2019)
This was a fun little trail, but slow travel. As you near the end of the trail, there are a lot of downed dead trees. Take a saw with you on this trail as the risk of a fallen tree blocking your path is great.
Storm Mountain (09/13/2019)
This is one of my favorite trail in northern Colorado. When the east trailhead opens during the hunting season in September, you get to see this entire trail without a lot of backtracking. The Aspens have not yet begun their fall change but I suspect that will begin soon. Storm Mountain lights up with the gold brilliance of autumn. I guess I'll have to come back again in a few weeks...darn.
Sugarloaf Mountain (09/07/2019)
Went to the area to run Sugarloaf Mt and Pennsylvania Gulch. There was a lot of traffic going in both directions on Sugarloaf Mt. We saw motorcycles, bicycles, runners, hikers, and other 4WDs. The highlight of the day was to see a surprise visitor, a cow moose and her calf. We took a break and watched the pair for some time. Great time on the trail.
Pennsylvania Gulch (09/07/2019)
A recent report indicated that this trail has become much more difficult in recent months. I ran the trail this weekend based on that report to check for changes in its difficulty. The erosion portion of the trail, which is near the top/west, is not much different than in the past couple of years. Based on the rating system used by Trails OffRoad, the trail remains rated as a 4. This means that it is recommended that an SUV with high clearance and 4WD with a low range would be appropriate for the trail. On another note, I have also included a photo of one of the hillsides along the trail...The aspens are beginning to change.
Jim Creek Road (09/03/2019)
This trail was awesome! The trail is rocky enough to be a great off-road experience and had very little traffic. It is bow hunting season for this area in Wyoming and we saw a few ATVs parked just off the trail at the Very Rocky Road intersection that clearly belonged to archers. We were sure to tread a lightly as possible as to not interfere with their hunt. I have seen quite a few moose along this trail in the past, but none today.
Ehlin Road (08/31/2019)
Ehlin Road is an easy drive that allows access to many other trails in the Centennial, Wyoming area. We were there over the Labor Day Weekend and found quite a few ATV using the road. The first part of the road was a little rocky, but it smoothed out quite a bit after Centennial Ridge Road intersection. When the leaves begin to change, this route will be beautiful.
Centennial Ridge (08/31/2019)
Visited Centennial Ridge over the Labor Day Holiday. The trail was heavily used by ATVs and side-by-sides which was expected for a holiday weekend. The area was dry and the trail was exceptionally dusty. I have not been on this trail in quite a few years and was surprised that the Queen Mine building structure was still recognizable and in good shape.
Middle Fork Canyon (08/31/2019)
This trail is short, but the old cabins along the road are worth seeing. We had to pass a couple of side-by-side on the trail which required us to back up on the trail quite a ways to find a place wide enough to pull off the road. There were quite a few ATVs on the trail, but it was a holiday weekend so that could be expected. I really enjoyed the mining ghost town theme of the area.
Whiskey Park Road (08/29/2019)
We started off the day in Encampment, Wyoming and took Whiskey Park Road as we headed back to Colorado. The road is very easy and travel was quick. The scenery along the way was beautiful, especially as we got close to Hahn's Peak, the prominent mountain peak along the route. Taking the backcountry road is just more enjoyable than traveling on the pavement.
Deep Creek (08/23/2019)
The days are getting shorter and the nights are getting crisp. We drove the trail in late August and it still felt like summertime. Although the leaves have not yet begun to change, the wildflowers were on display giving the trail a nice hint of color. We only crossed paths with one small group of side-by-side riders. During our short trail conversation, I found that the riders were from nearby Hahn's Peak Village. I was able to get a bit of history about the area during the conversation. Sometimes you meet the nicest people on the trail.
Twin Saddle (08/23/2019)
This is my favorite trail of those on Hahn's Peak. It's rough enough to make you travel slowly, but not so rough that it rattles you apart. We decided to camp in the area and found a great camp site on Twin Mountain just before the start of Hahn's Peak road. This area will soon be golden with aspen leaves. I'll be back next month when the change happens.
Jelm Mountain Road (08/22/2019)
It was a bit windy for the trip to the top of Jelm Mountain, but the views were stunning. Thunderstorms were forming off to the east, and this was a unique perspective to watch nature's fury. We encountered only one other vehicle on the trail. The road was dry and we had no problems reaching the observatory. This is a place where nature and science intersect.
Hahns Peak (08/17/2019)
A perfect day for a trip to Hahn's Peak. While it was very hot in the front range, the conditions at Hahn's Peak were refreshing. There were only a few hikers along the trail making their way to the top of the peak. One small tree fell across the road that needed to be removed. With only a few minutes invested, we were on our way.
Crown Point Road (08/17/2019)
I've hunted in this are for years and the road is still in great shape. Over the past two years, the US Forest Service had conducted some logging operations along Crown Point Road and the road had been closed. Glad to see it is open again. We camped along Bennett Creek near Waypoint 2 and had a great peaceful weekend.
Royal Flush (08/16/2019)
A great trail in great shape. The weather was ideal for wheeling topless and enjoying the fresh mountain air. The view of the valley at Waypoint 9 itself was well worth the trip. I can't wait to come back in September to see the fall color change.
Nunn Creek (08/02/2019)
I was invited to tag along with a Toyota group who wanted to wheel a couple of trails over the weekend. Nunn Creek was one of the trails we caught while in the area. The trail was not as wet as I had seen it in past years which surprised me because of the significant snow from the previous winter. With all the new tree growth along the trail, it had narrowed in a few spots. Deadfall trees added to the narrowing of the trail as well. There were a couple of spots where the trees which were cleared allowed for barely enough room for my JL to get through. You might want to take a saw with you on the trail to widen the passage to prevent pinstriping.
Bald Mountain (08/02/2019)
The trail has not changed much this year, except for the amount of deadfall along the edges of the trail. It was evident that quite a few trees had fallen across the trail over the winter season that had been cleared. In a couple of places, the road was made narrow by the fallen deadfall. I snagged a sidewall on one of these deadfall trees which resulted in the need to change a tire just west of Waypoint 11. With the right tools and a little bit of time, we were back on our way. That tire has seen its last trail and will have a new home getting recycled somewhere.
Green Ridge Trail (07/31/2019)
The US Forest Service has finally opened Green Ridge trail. I have not yet run the trail this season, but will get up there within a few weeks. Based on my knowledge of the area and the amount of snow from this past winter, this trail will be wet with mud and deep water holes from start to finish.
Pole Hill Loop 2 (07/27/2019)
I find this the most enjoyable loop in the Pole Hill area. The section of trail between Waypoint 1 and Waypoint 2 is narrow and be difficult to pass an oncoming vehicle. I have always run this trail counter-clockwise (as this guide depicts) but others do differently. The view of the Estes Park Valley at Waypoint 8, "The Notch", is picturesque and one for the family scrapbook. Bring your camera.
Pole Hill (07/27/2019)
Always one of my favorite trails. Earlier this year I put a 3.5" lift on my JL Rubicon. This was the first time I have run Pole Hill since the lift. The ride was spectacular! No bottoms, no rubs, no scrapes. The area received a little bit of rain the night before so no dust on the trail was an added bonus. Nothing better than running around the mountains topless.
Pierson Park South (07/26/2019)
Pierson Park South had a few others jeeps on the trail. It seemed that most were combining Johnny Park Road with Pierson Park South for a day of wheeling. I ran out of time to get Johnny Park Road done today. Guess I'll have to make another trip to Estes Park, oh darn! Great weather, great views.
Pierson Park North (07/26/2019)
When its really hot in the front range valley, a trip to Estes Park can really help beat the heat. Pierson Park North is accessed easily on the south edge of town. The trail was in great shape with only a few campers in the vicinity. The trail was peaceful without much traffic.
Hohnholz Lakes (06/15/2019)
Although the trail is open, it is NOT easily passable. About a dozen or so snow drifts remain near Waypoint 3. We broke through the drifts yesterday and were the first vehicles to complete the trail for the season. It was not easy. Also, there are numerous down fall trees that are partially blocking the road throughout the entire path. I anticipate that it will take another week or two before the trail is season ready. Until then, have recovery equipment at the ready. Remember there is no cell phone service for miles up there.
Montgomery Pass (06/14/2019)
Montgomery Pass is open as raw as Waypoint 2, but snow will keep it closed beyond that until sometime in July.
Bull Mountain (06/14/2019)
This is one of the few trails open in the Colorado State Forest. The road was dry and no evidence of snow was seen. Remember, camping is only allowed in designated locations in the Colorado State Forest.
Mendenhall (06/14/2019)
The State Forest Park Headquarters advised that Mendenhall is open for the season. They advised that volunteer work groups have been in the area clearing out down fall and prepping the trail for the season. Please watch for work crew on the trail.
Teller Divide (06/14/2019)
Although there is still a lot of snow in the high country of Colorado, the snow is gone along Teller Divide. There were a few spots of standing water on the trail, but overall the trail was dry. Be careful between Waypoint 16 and Waypoint 17 as there are logging operations with heavy equipment in the vicinity.
Jack Creek (06/14/2019)
The trail is open with no snow through Waypoint 5. There is still quite a bit of snow as you approach 10k feet and it could be another few weeks until making the trail’s end is possible. With all the snow melt on the lower portion of the trail, water is running down most of the trail but it does not pose a problem. There were a handful of campers in the dispersed camping along Jack Creek just past Waypoint 1. The weatherman called for rain, but it was mostly sunny and beautiful in the afternoon.
Silver Creek Road (06/14/2019)
The lower half of the trail, which hold the most dispersed camping opportunities, is open and free of snow. The Silver Creek river crossing at Waypoint 3 is deeper than normal because of the late season snow melt. Snow still exists on the trail in the trees at Waypoint 4. It might be another few weeks before the trails end is reachable.
Owl Mountain (06/14/2019)
The lower half of the trail is passable without any difficulties. The water bog crossing at Waypoint 2 is deeper than normal because of this year’s late snow melt. Snow remain on the trail past Waypoint 4 and the trail is still impassable at Waypoints 5 and 6. Another few weeks of melting is necessary.
Michigan River (06/14/2019)
Near the top of the trail, there is still some snow in the shade of the tree canopy. The trail is wet and muddy. A by-pass to The Ledge at Waypoint 4 has developed and is much more pronounced than it has been in year’s past. I only encountered a few UTVs during this trip.
Bockman Road (06/14/2019)
The Colorado State Forest has opened a portion of Bockman Road. The trail remains closed between Waypoint 1 and Waypoint 5; However, the trail is open and camping is available between Waypoint 5 and Waypoint 8. I spoke with a park ranger who advised that it will be another few weeks before opening the trail completely will be considered.
Kiwi Road (06/14/2019)
This is one of the few trails open in the Colorado State Forest. The trail was dry and dusty and the Aspen trees have leafed for the season.
Vedauwoo Road (06/08/2019)
The Pole Mountain Forest Service area is finally fully open. The snow is nearly gone with only a patch or two left in the trees. The road was in great shape and there were many visitors enjoying the wonders of Wyoming. The weather remains a bit on the cool side as daytime highs on this trip hovered just under 50 degrees. Brrr. Still better than being cooped up at home.
Crow Creek Road (06/08/2019)
Open and the trail is in great shape. With all the late snow this season, the trail had a few wet and muddy spots, but nothing that was difficult to negotiate. There seemed to be quite a few ATVs and UTVs using the trail this particular weekend.
Pratt Creek (05/30/2019)
Logging operations are active between Waypoint 2 and Waypoint 4. The US Forest Service is thinning trees from areas to mitigate forest fire danger. There were still some signs of snowfall in the shadowed trees on the west end of the trail. The trail was very wet and muddy from waypoint 4 to the end. Very enjoyable day on the trail.
Hurley (05/26/2019)
With last year's reviews suggesting that erosion has deepened the ruts on the left fork, I went to the trail to inspect conditions for Memorial Day Weekend. I was able to get to the fork at Waypoint 3 with only minor snow amounts lining the shaded edges of the trail. After Waypoint 3, the snow was still pretty deep needing a few more weeks to finish the spring melt. Another trip will be coming soon.
Pingree Park Rd. (05/25/2019)
Although this has been an exceptionally snowy spring for the front range, Pingree Park Road is open and ready for the start of the camping season. Because so many other higher mountain trails are still closed, Pingree Park was congested with campers over the Memorial Day holiday weekend. It was great to get out and roll those tire on dirt for a while. Lately, it been around 70 degrees during the day while dropping near freezing over night. Come prepared.
Kelly Flats (05/25/2019)
Open for business. Because of the late season mountain snow and cooler temperatures slowing the snowmelt, Kelly Flats is one of the few trails open in northern Colorado. As a result, it was busy with many wheelers on the trail for the Memorial Day holiday weekend. The trail conditions were fabulous. Heart attack Hill at Waypoint 4 was dry and in great shape. There was some standing and running water in the Chutes at Waypoint 7, making passage exceptionally difficult except for the most well built rigs. Some water and trail mud are still present after the Last Half Rocks. Please go through, not around, the mud holes. Please enjoy the ride and "Stay the Trail".
Pennock Pass (05/25/2019)
Dry and clear. The snow is completely gone along Pennock Pass and Pingree Park Road. I drove through the area over the Memorial Day holiday weekend and found quite a few off-roaders enjoying the long weekend for some early season camping. Enjoy the ride.
Vedauwoo Road (05/23/2019)
Vedauwoo Road is open for the season. Some of the spurs remain closed in the area to protect resources due to the late snow season this year.
Hey Joe Canyon (04/28/2019)
Although it had been cloudy and rainy most of the week, the weather broke and the day was spectacular for the Hey Joe trek. There was no dust on the trail and conditions were ideal. We crossed paths with only a handful of other wheelers and were able to spend a little time exploring the mining area at the end of the trail. When we were at Waypoint 8, I could here some voices off in the distance. As it turned out, a family rafting on the Green River found shore and was hiking in the area exploring the relic mining equipment. A great day on the trail!
Thompson Canyon (04/17/2019)
I had not spent much time in the Book Cliffs and Thompson Canyon Road offered a great opportunity. It is clear that this trail does not get the number of visitors like trails in near-by Moab. I enjoyed the day on a trail less traveled.
Spring Canyon Bottom (04/16/2019)
Spring Canyon Bottom is one of my favorite trails in Moab because of the area's beauty. I was there during the Easter Jeep Safari week and found it to be quite busy. A lot of campers could be found in dispersed camping spots throughout this northwest area around Moab. Recent rains meant that the dusty conditions were minimal.
Orange Trail (04/15/2019)
Although there is nothing spectacular to see along this trail, this is a quick and easy shortcut through the area. The trail was in great shape with no dust to speak of.
Salt Wash Trail (04/15/2019)
We were in the area mapping a few new trails and chose to take Salt Wash Trail back to Green River. The trail was in great shape and unchanged from previous visits. This area usually sees very little traffic and this trip was no different. We were the only ones on the trail. If you don't like traffic congestion when you wheel, give this trail try.
Orange Trail Shelf Road (04/15/2019)
The trail was dry and in good shape during the week of Easter Jeep Safari. With so many other off-roaders in and around Moab during this week, this trail was quiet and the drive was uninterrupted. I like a little shelf road exposure, this trail helped.
Salt Washington North (04/14/2019)
If you are in the area of Crystal Geyser, this is a nice, easy trail with some great geological views. The rock formations that you see along this trail are different than many of the other surrounding areas. Without trees and not much vegetation growing nearby, one might conclude that the landing on the moon was filmed around here somewhere. But seriously, this is an interesting landscape.
Crystal Geyser Road (Little Valley Road) (04/14/2019)
Crystal Geyser is a staple for those visiting the Moab and Green River, Utah areas. The Easter Jeep Safari Crystal Geyser route is a combination of several trails that culminate at the geyser. During this visit, the geyser activity seemed tame, but the scenery was beautiful none-the-less. The temperature for this time of year was spectacular as it hovered in the lower to mid 70's.
Crystal Geyser Jeep Trail (04/14/2019)
This is the beginning of the Easter Jeep Safari week in Moab and Crystal Geyser Jeep Trail will start to see more activity than normal. I ran the trail at the start of the EJS week and found it to be in great shape and unchanged from previous years. This area has seen above average moisture which helped to keep the dust down.
Mineral Bottom Road (04/13/2019)
There was quite a bit of rain that has fallen in and around Moab in the past week in mid-April. Mineral Bottom Road was muddy, slick and single file in many parts from the trailhead until the top of the canyon. The switchbacks down the canyon were dry and passable. At the end of the day, red mud lined the inner fenders pretty well. Luckily, Moab has a jeep shower in town. I am always reminded on this trail about the importance of paying attention while driving here. About half way down the switchbacks are the remnants of an old car that did not fare so well.
Long Canyon (04/13/2019)
When your done exploring for the day west of Moab, a trip down Long Canyon is a great way to finish. The trail is easy and give you the opportunity to take in the beautiful that Utah has to offer. My friends Cory and Marne joined me in Utah to try their hand at exploring in a jeep. One time, one trip in a rental was enough to convince them that getting a jeep of their own was in the cards. Now we have to go back and get that new JL in some family photos.

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