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2018 Jeep Wrangler (4 door)

Lift Size: Stock
Tire Size: 32"
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Buckskin Joe (10/23/2020)
Excellent easy trail that gets you above tree line. Definitely will run this again in the fall since the start of this trail (from the east fork) would have awesome aspens in the fall!
Barbour Fork (10/11/2020)
This will be a trail that I will definitely return to! Loved the obstacles and they definitely did test out the flex on both my rig and the rig along with me. Unfortunately, we just missed the leaves by about a week. However, this would be an awesome trail to see some fall colors if your timing is right.
Argentine Pass (08/30/2020)
This trail was a wonderful run as a solo rig. There weren't too many OHVs on the trail which was also nice. However, the few that were DID NOT stay the trail. Seriously folks, you must obey all signs and stay on the designated trails. It doesn't matter if it "isn't hard enough" or not. I'd hate to see a trail like this one closed. It is a very beautiful spot, one that my wife and I will most likely return to for another day trip or maybe even an overnight. Otherwise, the only other obstacle that isn't listed here is between waypoints 9 and 10. This wasn't very hard and there is some room to the right of the obstacle to "bypass" it.
Black Bear Pass (08/20/2020)
Honestly I didn’t think the steps were that bad. There are a few obstacles before them though that I found more challenging. Added a few new scratches to the skid plates but the views were completely worth it!
Ophir Pass (08/18/2020)
Did this as the first of an all day on the trails and I was glad I did! It was a perfect way to introduce passengers to shelf roads and yet the views are spectacular!
Imogene Pass (08/18/2020)
I’ve heard so much about this trail and I can certainly say it didn’t disappoint!
Medano Pass (08/15/2020)
This was an excellent trail and an especially nice way to see the dunes away from the main crowd! We ran it from the dunes to Westcliffe but I think I’d run it the other way next time. It would definitely be an interesting way to take visitors to the Great Sand Dunes!
Rollins Pass East (07/26/2020)
Don't get me wrong, the views from the top around Yankee Doodle Lake are stunning, but the road is in absolutely terrible shape. I was expecting a drive similar to Switzerland Trail but this trail was like just beat up. Rocky sections are like some of the worst washboard you've ever seen along with large semi-dry puddles that just beat the heck out of myself and my passengers. I'll be returning to this trail for snow wheeling as it will hide some of the issues I had with the road.
Kelly Flats (07/03/2020)
Excellent run today in my stock JK Rubicon. While lines and tire placement were critical in certain spots (kissed my skids half a dozen times)I will certainly be back to this trail once I have my lift and tires upgraded. Ran earlier in the morning and had the trail completely to ourselves.
Upper Geneva (Geneva Creek) (06/28/2020)
Made it all the way to the top today! Thanks to whoever cleared the drift! This was a super fun trail with beautiful views at the top! YES! PLEASE DO NOT DRIVE TO THE MINE. Two pick-up trucks totally did not follow the signage. Sad to see such disrespect! There is plenty of parking at the end of the trail and the walk to the mine is not bad.
Swamp Creek Road (05/23/2020)
Trail was extremely busy with dirt bikes, side by sides, and four wheelers. Could have been due to many of the other trails being closed. Road was in decent shape.