Gold Bar Rim

Moab, Utah (Grand County)

Last Updated: 11/17/2019
4 / 5 ( 2 reviews )
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Status: Open
Typically Open: Year Round
Difficulty: 6-8
Length: 3.7 miles
Highest Elevation: 5320 feet
Duration: About 3 hours
Shape of Trail: Connector
Best Direction to Travel: N/A
Nearest Town: Moab
Nearest Town w/ Services: Moab
Official Road Name:
Management Agency: Bureau of Land Management
District: Moab Field Office
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Highlight: Gold Bar Rim
Gold Bar Rim is a fantastic offroad trail in its own right, but it is also known to be the first or last leg of the famous "Trifecta", which is comprised of Poison Spider and Golden Spike. Situated near Moab, this trail offers continual obstacles and views of desert scenery that include the dramatic Moab Canyon and Gold Bar Canyon.



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Route Information

Advanced Rating System

Recommended Vehicle:
Highly Modified 4X4 (Big Lift, Locker(s), Larger Tires)
Obstacles are prevalent on this trail. All of which are fairly easy to bypass except at waypoint 10.

Technical Rating: 6-8

Rocky or undulated road surface. Potential rocks less than 36" tall and/or vertical ledges less than 36" tall and/or near vertical ledges or waterfalls less than 84" inches. Tire placement becomes more difficult. Can be steep and off-camber.
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Slickrock, ledges, protruding rock, and sand/dirt comprise the entire trail. Gold Bar Rim connects from Gemini Bridges to Golden Spike with Little Canyon and Rusty Nail also connecting off of it. There are two major obstacles, "The Waterfall" and the ledge that connects Gold Bar Rim to Golden Spike. The trail can be run as an out and back, or in connection with other connecting trails. Note: Mileage is listed as one way. Difficulty: Spotting may be required on skill and vehicle. Optional lines can be chosen to add the difficulty. Suitable only for modified vehicles.


1. Trailhead from Gemini Bridges (0 mi)
Follow the sandy road heading east from Gemini Bridges.
2. Spur to Dead End (0.4 mi)
Continue straight up the slight uphill.
3. Obstacles With Easy and Hard Lines (0.5 mi)
Follow the trail uphill. Many optional lines can be taken here from easy to hard. The easiest lines are on the left with the hardest being in the middle.
4. Obstacle (0.6 mi)
Obstacle area with options. Easier lines are to the left where the harder lines are to the right.
5. Little Canyon Trailhead (1 mi)
Follow the well marked and wide dirt road to the northeast. The trail running southwest is Little Canyon.
6. Rusty Nail Trailhead (1.5 mi)
Follow the trail west (northwest). Rusty Nail is the trail going east (southeast).
7. Obstacle (1.6 mi)
Small ledge obstacles with optional lines to pick your difficulty level.
8. Typical Slick Rock Example (2.1 mi)
Follow the trail uphill on the slickrock. Much of the trail is just like this example.
9. Crest (2.2 mi)
Follow the trail just over the crest and down into Gold Bar Canyon.
10. Waterfall Obstacle (2.3 mi)
This is the hardest obstacle on the trail and the pinch point of difficulty. Almost a double obstacle with a narrow undulated ledge to navigate over before you come to "The Waterfall". The Waterfall has a few choice of lines, with the easiest being on the left. If returning this direction, there is a winch point installed if you can't make it back up. Downward travel is more intimidating but going up is more difficult.
11. Mini Crack Option (2.6 mi)
Follow the trail uphill. There are many levels of difficulty from which to choose.
12. Scenery (2.7 mi)
Continue following the trail uphill. The La Sal Mountains are in the background.
13. Mushroom Rock (3 mi)
The trail will dip down along a wide open ledge area with views down into Gold Bar Canyon. There is one small non-optional obstacle to drive over here.
14. Golden Spike Trailhead (3.7 mi)
You have reached the end with one more non-optional obstacle to tackle. Two approaches include a near vertical climb on the left side or vertical ledge on the right. Continue on to Golden Spike or if you wish to continue on or drive up to the overlook to Moab Canyon up the slickrock to the left.
15. Overlook (3.7 mi)
The views are incredible and it is worth a long stop to take in the sights. Return the way you came or continue on for more adventure.

Directions to Trailhead

Trailhead Coordinates: 38.600044, -109.673348

Starting Point: Moab, Utah

Head north on Highway 191, continue north for approximately 2 miles. Turn left at the entrance for Gemini Bridges Road. Continue beyond the parking lots up the Gemini Bridges Road for 4.8 miles to Waypoint 7 where the trailhead will be well marked on the left/south side of the road.


Not allowed
Dispersed camping is not allowed along this trail. However, for nearby camping, the designated Bride Canyon just off of the Gemini Bridges Trail is close and convenient. Remember, when using free designated sites, you are required to remove all solid human waste from the area. Campers are required to possess, set up, and use portable toilets. Campers may not bury or leave exposed, solid human body waste or soiled toilet paper. The disposal of solid human waste off public land is required. You must camp only in marked sites, and no wood cutting is allowed. Following these simple rules will ensure that the sites are attractive to future campers. Enjoy your stay! The Moab Field Office maintains 26 campgrounds. Many of the campgrounds are located close to Arches National Park along the Colorado River. These campgrounds offer views of spectacular red rock cliffs amidst a green ribbon of vegetation
Camping: Gold Bar Rim

Trail Reviews (6)

Author: Official Crew
Status: Open
Offroaded on:
Ran this as the last part of our day after starting on Poison Spider. Most of the obstacles have several lines of varying difficulty making this a good trail for moderate to extreme builds. Thos most difficult obstacle by far is the waterfall. Theo ne thing I'll say about this trail, is that no matter how well built you are, it is a SLOW and BUMPY trail the entire way. Makes for a really long end if you are running the entire Trifecta.

Author: Official Crew
Status: Open
Offroaded on:
Drove the portion from Little Canyon Trailhead south to Gemini Bridges Trailhead. No rating change.

Author: Official Crew
Status: Open
Offroaded on:
We ran the last (or first) mile of this trail just to get back to Gemini Bridges after running Little Canyon. The trail was busy due to Easter Jeep Safari. It was a beautiful day and very dry so the dust was heavy. Other than that, no major changes.

Author: Official Crew
Status: Open
Offroaded on:
Had a good day running this trail with two other rigs. It is definitely a challenge getting a stock JK on 33's through this trail but we managed. This was my first trip out with a new clutch, gears, and lockers in my TJ so it was a good challenge to get used to it all on such a trail. There was a lot of traffic in both directions so just remember trail etiquette when you meet with another group. The scenery was incredible as always. It still amazes me how far into the distance you can see from many different points on this trail. Once you reach the top, you can see both east down into Moab and west over the valley and a few surrounding trails. Be sure to take your camera as there are many photographic opportunities at any given moment!

Status: Open
Offroaded on:
My first run with Trails Offroad, also my first real run with Slick Rock. I got to meet the crew and map out Gold Bar with Todd and TJ. I have a stock 2dr JK on 33's. There were only a few place I had issues. TJ was a great spotter and got me through the waterfall obstacle which was the hardest point of the trail. Great views on the way up and the overlook at the top is gorgeous.

Author: Official Crew
Status: Open
Offroaded on:
Our plan was to run Gold Bar Rim to Golden Spike, then backtrack to Little Canyon. After a fairly late start we ran out of daylight that we needed to get Little Canyon accomplished. Gold Bar Rim was a great trail with epic views of the canyons and the La Sal Mountains. In terms of difficulty, I had no issues with my JKU on 35s and a 2.5" lift. We were able to navigate an almost completely stock JK through the entire trail that only had a few issues going back up "The Waterfall".

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